Brick (Cooper Construction #1)

BRICK                                                        JEN DAVIS

I’m used to getting my hands dirty. During the day it’s mud and grime on the construction site. At night…it’s the blood I spill. A drug lord’s enforcer does what needs to be done. It’s my obedience, my loyalty to the boss that keeps my family alive. 

I know I’m teetering on the edge. I’m losing my humanity, I can feel it. It’s changing me, and it’s only a matter of time before the darkness takes over.

Then I meet her. Liv. The only person who sees past my busted knuckles and brutal exterior. She sees…me. But being with me will get her killed. The only way I can keep her safe is by staying away. Until her own actions catapult her into the center of my world—a world which will swallow her whole. 

Now I’m forced to be the ruthless bastard I’ve been for so long. Only this time it’s not to destroy…but to defend.


Brick, works construction during the day and at night he is an enforcer for a local gang leader who is running more than just his neighborhood. He also has Brick’s grandmother who is in a rest home on his watch and lets Brick knows by sending pictures of her occasionally in order to have him continue to do the deeds he does. One day the boss of the construction site, Sister Olivia shows up to wish her brother a happy birthday. She makes eye contact with Brick and is attracted to him. She even invites the construction crew to the party she is throwing for her brother that night at a bar. Brick who has to do some work first decides to show up late and hopes she is gone, but she is not and though he tries to warn her away from him she wants to be with him. Olivia does not know why she is attracted to Brick because she has never been with anyone like him. He is a solid 6’5” and is like a brick house and his face is a little smashed, for her everything is a go regardless of how many people tell her to stay away from him. He does not understand why a high school teacher would want to be with him and just by being with her he is wanting to change. It is because of that which makes this story a very intense read. This story had me from the beginning to the end and the way the author pulls you in with everything going on you do not want to put the book down until you finish. An excellent book with very good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars follow us at

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