Jake: A Southern Crime Family Novel

JAKE                                                           CARLA SWAFFORD

Forget the Hatfields and McCoys, in a small Southern town, the Whitfields and Tallys are the real family feud. So for some unholy reason, Jake Whitfield’s old man and Angel Tally’s grandfather wrote codicils to their wills the night before they died in a suspicious fire. The codicils require Jake and Angel to marry or lose their inheritances. 

Jake feels like a man with two faces. One he presents to his brothers and the public: the criminal willing to step on anyone for a buck while mercilessly protecting the business. The other: the lonely man wanting a better life for himself and his family and working with an FBI agent to make it happen. 

To Jake, marrying Angel makes sense. With her family’s help, he can fight the new criminal organization that’s moving into his town. Immersed in the criminal world, there is no hope for Angel, but her brother is still young. She will do anything to protect him from that way of life and whoever killed their grandfather, even marry a despised Whitfield. And Angel never forgot about the sexy incident with Jake in high school ten years earlier.And if she has to go along with a Whitfield-Tally marriage, she wants a replay. 


Jake and his brothers should be happy now that their father has died, but there is a part of them that wants to find the person who killed him. Not that he was a good father he wasn’t. Now after the funeral, someone is shooting at him and his brothers and he believes that someone is Angel Talley who is part of the other crime family of the town. What Jake doesn’t know and will find out shortly is that in order to keep all of the holdings he must marry Angel if not everything goes to their cousins. Now both Angel and Jake must overcome something that happened in the past and maybe if they can she will marry him. They have a lot to work out because neither one trusts the other one nor Angel does not like to be told what to do since she was the one who ran a lot of her grandfather’s pick-up’s and was an enforcer. She is willing to the marriage to save her younger brother though. Just when you think everything is good between them she bails for she does not think Jake married her for love and did it just for the businesses. Now he must find her. There are some twists and turns and to who is the one who killed the two men and who are still trying to kill them. There are also some steamy scenes between Jake and Angel that includes some spanking. Overall I that this to be a very different crime book than other ones that I have read but for a story and a fun read it was good. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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