SINGLE DAD TO THE RESCUE (City by the Bay Stories #4)


He offered her help

And he found love

Her home destroyed by a wildfire, Brooke Ellis finds temporary shelter at the home of paramedic Dan Sawyer and his young son, Ben. With the addition of Brooke and her lively fur family, Dan finds his carefully planned routine delightfully turned upside down. And his carefully guarded heart daring to trust in love again. When his ex-wife suddenly reappears, will it be Brooke to the rescue?


     This was such an interesting story. Touching a lot of tender spots close to home. The fear of feeling the unknown of friends being safe in the fire-stricken areas in the California fires. Then, of course of losing people due to those who chose to get behind the wheel of a car.
     But this author was able to bring you to a full circle on the positive side. We are following the life of Dan Sawyer and his son Ben. He’s a single dad with a lot on his plate. He is a paramedic, his ten-year-old son has diabetes, and his father Rick lives with them. Which in itself, is a good thing.
     The thing is his parents had always taught him and his younger brother Jason to give service to his friends and community. So, he does, and he tends to overbook himself most days. Always managing to get it all in but leaving little time for himself.
     Then with the wildfires in the mountains near San Francisco, the city where he lives his dad brings home a beautiful lady with her pets. She would be Brooke Ellis. She’s a widow and now a lady displaced by the fires and needs a place to stay.
     Since he has a mother-in-law house in the back not rented at the moment, she is the perfect person to use it. She’s lost everything he really didn’t want her there because since his wife had left six years ago, he had finally gotten a routine down and Ben’s levels are good he didn’t need distractions.
     When his ex and brother show up boy does, he gets distracted and guesses who is there to ground him during the crash site moment?
     The characters seemed real and were easy to connect with. He accepted his brother back for my liking a little too easy, thanks, but that is just me. I give this: 4 stars. Provided by Follow us at  

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