The Rancher's Baby Bargain


Former class nerd, Lucy Carr, comes home with a tantalizing offer for hometown hottie Aiden Harper: she’s developed a natural pesticide that will kill off the spider mites eating his crops, and she’ll give it to him for free…if he agrees to father a child for her. Time is running out to go the traditional route for finding a man, and Lucy wants her baby to be smart AND good in gym class. 

Aiden has put everything he has into his fields of hops, and the award-winning beer he brews with them. But one more year of mites eating half his crops and his family’s farm and legacy—as well as his dreams for his brewery—are going to go under. When Lucy shows up looking hot, and being hailed for her scientific achievements, Aiden is more than a little jealous. He remembers how fun science class was the year they’d been lab partners and how much more enticing Lucy had been than the cheerleaders on the football field. He’d never had the guts to admit his crush in high school—after all, jocks and nerds didn’t mix. Now Lucy has everything, and he’s on the verge of losing it all. 

But what starts as a trade of necessity to achieve their goals turns into a tangled jumble of emotions when they realize they might have found more than bugs and babies: they may have found the person who completes their lives.


A quick read, but not a bad story. Aiden is a former football player and is back living in his home town running his family farm because that is what he thinks he is supposed to do. He is also making beer so he is growing hops but now his crop is being attacked by a bug that eats them and he does not have the money to buy the pesticide to kill them. Lucy the former class nerd is home to sell her family’s house. She is divorced and besides her husband giving her headaches, he could not give her a child. Now with her made science skills she has what Aiden needs to kill the pests and save his crop. She will give it to him with no money being exchanged. She wants a baby and wants him to give her his in a cup at a clinic. He says the only way is the old fashion way. She agrees and he also ends up taking her out and helping her fix her parents’ house. He also is showing her that she is not what she looked like in high school. She is a beautiful woman. After the deed is done things change because now they are beginning to like one another and after everything Aiden told her about herself he does not think he is worthy of her. She now needs help to get him to see that it is okay to leave the farm if need be to be with someone you love. Can she do it? Read this good story about finding love when not looking for it. Good characters as well with his mother and sister just to name a few. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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