Blue Steel Hearts

BLUE STEELE HEARTS                         EVE LYN

Rock Star Steve Mitchem has it all. Fans adore him, and he beds any woman he wants. But he's never forgotten the small-town girl he left behind in Oklahoma. He can't believe his luck when he spots her one night in the front row of his concert. He takes her to his house in Malibu where things heat up quicker than his hot tub.
Julie Ray moved to Los Angeles to become a model. Her good looks landed her a few jobs, but she's spent more time working as a waitress just to pay the bills. When she attends a concert to see her old friend perform, she is surprised when he recognizes her. She'd do anything to bed her old flame, even if it means leaving her heart behind.


This is a very short story that has two women going to a rock concert because Julie Ray won front row tickets. She knew where the lead singer grew up. That is because she grew up in the same town as well and went to the same school. Now they are both in Los Angeles she just is working as a waitress because she cannot get any modeling jobs. When Steven Mitchem sees her in the front row he works out to have her and her friend brought backstage. Once they reconnect both want to spend the night together. Read this fast story but with some steamy scenes and see what happens. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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