DARING TO FALL (Willow Creek Book 2)

DARING TO FALL                                   SHANNON STULTS

Can she forgive the past or will she sacrifice her present?

When she finds herself, sole legal guardian of her teenage sister and the heir of a significant fortune, Harper Maddox drops out of medical school to move back to her small hometown of Willow Creek, Georgia. Her return brings her face to face with Russell Hart (aka Cowboy), her fiercely independent and sexy first love who broke her heart three summers ago after gaining her wary trust.

Harper is determined to protect her heart and resist Cowboy’s allure, but when she decides to remodel and reopen her parents’ B&B, she must turn to the one man she was determined to ignore for advice and assistance. Cowboy proves to be a surprising ally and friend, and it’s only a matter of weeks before she finds herself falling for him all over again. He appears reformed, but Harper still questions his ability to fall in love.

Will Harper’s fear of getting hurt outweigh a chance at true happiness?


     Second chance stories are always so interesting just when you think, “How many spins can they put on it?”  There is a new one. 

     We get to meet Harper and Cowboy.  Actually, two former classmates for most of their life, in their hometown.  In fact, upon seeing her in his head he described her as “their class’s quiet, reclusive valedictorian.”  Basically, they were two ships in the night.

     Harper’s goal in high school was getting good grades for college.  Cowboy’s how many times he couldn’t get laid in a week.

     Truthfully, for me at first, it took me a bit to figure out that the author was having the two characters do flashbacks.  For sure they are the ones numbered by days.  But looks for the switch too in the body of the chapters too.  Once you get the hang of it, not bad.

     Loved, loved, loved!  Cowboy’s Character.  He’s exactly how you would expect a playboy to act and react when first falling in love.  The roller coaster of emotions, the relationship, and the newness of a friendship.  At the same time helping said friend, Harper experience things outside her comfort zone.

     With each new dare came a question she got to ask him per dare.  The respect he was getting and building for her for the meeting said dares was out the roof.  For Harper, the insight into the guy who always used his sex appeal to keep everyone at bey she was finding it such a kind, giving, and gentleman.

     Plus, you will see the rebuilding of the relationship of Sadie, Harper's nine-year younger sister.  After the passing of their Gran and Harper HAD to come home.  She must deal with the anger of having to deal with Gran’s illness alone while Harper was away at school.

     When Harper thinks she sees something three years earlier and leaves.  It leaves Cowboy devastated.  Now she’s back.  Can they fix it?

     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.
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