THE QB BAD BOY AND ME                     TAY MARLEY

Reluctant cheerleader Dallas Bryan has a problem on her hands—and his name is Drayton Lahey.

Ever since the hot star quarterback of the high school football team hit her car with his motorcycle, he has the annoying ability to get under her skin, making Dallas think about Drayton way more than she should . . . in all the ways that she shouldn't.

But Dallas has one goal—to pursue her dance-school dreams in California—and no one, not even a hard-bodied, green-eyed football god, will stop her. As the tension between Drayton and Dallas grows thicker, the lines are getting blurred, and all she wants is to come undone under his touch.

But this thing between Dallas and Drayton could cost her her dreams . . . if he doesn't break her heart first.


      What a totally fun and unexpected enjoyable treat of a book.  This is what they say is a teen book, “Yeah! No!” They also say young adults that I would say I could go with but college-age activity even parents of college students living at home wouldn't be this carefree and lenient either.  But in high school, I would say, “OH HELL NO!”
     Now, let me just get this part off my chest.  Having it as a high school setting does not make me comfortable due to it… One it glorifies underage drinking to excess, has parents and other adults and businesses in Colorado serving alcohol.  When in Colorado the drinking age is twenty-one.
     This is the other thing; rabbits and their friends don’t mate as much as these two do and their friends.  High school again, parents never at home at all and when they are, they know it’s happening and even walk in on sex and say nothing.  Yeah, on what planet…  I know fiction.
     Even with all that.  I loved this book.  The two main characters were full of spunk and spirit.  Their banter and dry sense of humor were funny. Yet, it was their unsure thinking of what the other might think of them.  That was endearing.  When, you deal with the peer pressures, social-economic pressures, and just plain personalities of high school it makes understanding a budding relationship even less.
     Then, with two alphas in both genders that are just a perfect spark needed for fireworks.  You see Dallas, losing her parents young was always a homebody who had wanted good grades to go to college.  Plus, she worked part-time to save for it because it was just her and her older brother, Nathan.
     Drayton, on the other hand, comes from money.  She knew just by the crowd he hung with.  She chose never to give him or his friends the time of day.  Their angst and rude comments to people were always hurtful and mean.
     So, the day after he had to pay for the damages to her car and her brother invited him to stay for dinner.  He in front of his friends fronts her off and acts two-faced which was bad enough. 
     He refers to something she’s doing, outside of school that could cost her a shot at her future she’s worked so hard for.  She tells him to stay the hell away from her and her brother.  She was so sadly mistaken about who he was the day before.
     That the person she thought she glimpsed the prior day was real, but she was so mistaken.  That was her bad, lesson learned she would not allow that to happen again.  Two-faced asshats are not welcome into her home, life, or around her family.  So, stay the hell away.
     It was hard for them both to put their hearts on the line.  As a friendship grows after a little good amount of graveling on Dray’s part.  Yet, they both had a strong need for the other’s personality in them like the yin and yang. 
     Dallas subdued kindness and overall shyness to Dray’s in your face live life to the fullest sexuality charged innuendos meant only for Dallas's ears are just too sweet and funny.  Both have never dated so they needed a big birth with it.
     Losing points for never being in a relationship and understanding the importance of communication.  Allowing this enemy-friendship-to lover romance to grow.
     This author’s humor used in this book was so effortless.  This book flowed so well.  The characters were full-bodied as well as supporting characters.  The touching parts you are meant to you do for sure.
     I just loved the story of Dallas and Dray.  Their journey into a love so strong the world always drops away when they are together.
     I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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