KISS ME IN SWEETWATER A Sweetwater Springs short story (Sweetwater Springs #2.5)


If Lacy Shaw could have one wish, it's that the past would stay in the past. And with her high school reunion coming up, she has no intention of reliving the worst four years of her life. Especially when all she has to show for the last decade is how the shy bookworm blossomed into...the shy town librarian. Ditching the event seems the best option until a blistering hot alternative roars into Lacy's life. Perhaps riding into the reunion on the back of Paris Montgomery's motorcycle will show her classmates how much she really has changed...

While growing up as a foster kid, Paris Montgomery only felt at home in Sweetwater Springs, which is why he picked the small town to start over after his divorce. He can't afford to ruin this refuge with another doomed relationship - especially one with a woman who is his total opposite. But when the town's sweet librarian offers to help him reconnect with his foster dad, he finds they have more in common than he thought. Both are about to discover that home is where the heart is.


     Very sweet story.  The old story of opposites attract yet are so alike.  Two people who find each other out of unseen loneliness.  They both know a lot of people who consider them friends, yet neither are social butterflies.
     You see Lacy is the local librarian a sweet shy beauty who has learned to stay to herself.  Unless you’re in her domain, the library.  Though she is in the Ladies Day Out Group as she puts it “a gaggle of women who regularly get together to hang out and have fun.”
     For Lacy, it was a way to get out of her comfort zone (home and library) to get out and do things with other women.  In the community.  The group was on the night at her house when it’s your turn you pick the activity.  She picked reviewing a book she asked them to read.  She was excited.
     That morning at work, the new computer teacher came to teach the first senior’s class he was not what she was expecting.  He looked and acted like a sexy, tattooed, mild-mannered biker.  When she finally figures out, he was the guy she begged to teach she was happy she did.  Not only was he great for her eyes but wonderful for her ego.
     When Paris agreed to take this gig, he never expected the librarian on the other end of the phone line, would be this gorgeous.  A woman with eye-stopping curves.  He had seen her somewhere just couldn’t remember.  He likes she felt an instant connection if the blush on her cheeks means anything.  But the eye diversion was something else, a story from her past maybe.
     The two quickly become friends that when at the library they seem to float conversations.  But, knew he didn’t want or need a relationship in his life.  She was too good for an old foster kid like him with no roots.  Unlike her who has a town full.  Being a foster in her town for six glorious months is what brought him back hopefully to stay.
      Yes, a short story of eighty pages.  Yet, in these eight pages, you find all you need to come away with to make you feel satisfied.  You find all the elements you need for a good love story.  I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by Follow us at

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