She made the rules. But he’s changing the game…

Within thirty seconds of meeting Reid Faulkner again, I’m reminded of exactly why I had a crush on him for so many years. That confidence, that effortless control, that thigh-clenching hotness… Only, this time I’m not little Blair Cameron, sexually frustrated teenager. No, now I am an adult woman reliving every filthy fantasy I’ve ever had about him…

His dark, sexy stare is filled with naughty promises. Promises of sex. Great sex.

But I’m here to work for him. I have a contract, and I won’t let any man—no matter how delicious—underestimate me again. So I am proposing a second contract. An unofficial one, where we explore my every desire. It’s the perfect no-strings arrangement—all sex, no emotions. The only problem is that I made a concession: to play by his rules.

Now we’ve crossed that line and tasted forbidden. It started with only a touch. But will a man who controls everything protect his heart at all costs…even if it means breaking mine?

Sexy. Passionate. Bold. Discover Harlequin Dare, a new line of fun, edgy and sexually explicit romances for the fearless female.


     Their dad is suffering from memory loss.  The doctors have given him a diagnosis they don’t want to accept.  Therefore, will be taking him for a second opinion.   Since they own a chain of luxury hotels that is their family business it leaves his three sons no choice but to step up.
     Reid had been groomed to one day take over the business work from the ground up.  But his dad is only sixty.  So, instead of sailing, he will now be captain of the Faulkner Group.  His brothers Drake and Kit will be there to help.  Not only at the office but with Graham their father.
     They believe the transition has been smooth until they find out Graham had scheduled and hired a small company to redecorate.  At first, Reid thought he would enter the meeting dismiss the decorator because their too small to handle any job of their scale.  But when he takes the meeting it’s none other than Blair Cameron.  Her father is his father’s friend, business rival (friendly one), and golfing pal.
     Growing up they both had been attracted to one another.  But with the ten-year age difference.  They both knew nothing could come of it.  But now they wouldn’t mind exploring and still, nothing comes of it.  Their libidos were in dire need.  Both their exes had left terrible lasting effects.
     Now a verbal contract can change everything for them.  Will it help keep them detached as they want or bind them together, especially, with their families.
     I enjoyed this book, a nice change where she got to fulfill her fantasies.  I liked how they were so comfortable with each other once they got past the second meeting.  Their banter was funny and sweet.  This is one sexually charged couple.  Her relationship with his dad is interesting.  But caring and sweet too, not wanting to give it away.
    I give this: 4 stars. Provided by Follow us at

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