The Murder of Sonny Liston: Las Vegas, Heroin, and Heavyweights


A re-examination of the circumstances surrounding former heavyweight champion Sonny Liston's death in Las Vegas in 1970.


This is a 2016 publication, I am just now getting to the review. I am someone from a generation that was raised by a father that boxing was a way of life for him when he was growing up in the ’30s and then fighting in WWII and Korea. It was baseball, boxing, football and how to play cards. I digress. This book about the murder of Sonny Liston, or what the author and most people felt was a murder is still a cold case. As much as, the author put forth a fantastic effort it just led to one dead end after another (no pun intended). The author will take you through his history of boxing matches, his marriages, numerous children, his philandering, drug addiction, you get the point. The positive side is you see where he came from and the hope he once had and that really it was probably the people around him early on how to lead him astray just my opinion. Then with all of the fighting he did and the injuries he had that either he did not tell or people in his corner did not do anything about. Once one injury happened and did not heal correctly I can see where he began drugs and then it just went from there, again just my opinion. He was a great fighter at one time and as you go through the book and see the people mainly men who made fun of him when 10 or 15 years before would not is a shame. Overall a good story and it is a shame to not find the truth that many people thought at the time that he was murdered. The author did a very good job on this book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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