Enamored (The Accidental Billionaires #3)

ENAMORED                                             J.S. SCOTT

Like his brothers and sisters, Seth Sinclair went from blue-collar to billionaire overnight, and he's decided to invest in what he knows best: construction. There's only one thing in his way - the endangered birds nesting on a piece of prime beachfront real estate. And fighting for the birds is Riley Montgomery, a stubborn pain-in-the-ass, DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS environmental lawyer. The worst part? Seth will do anything to keep her around - even if it means hiring her to be his fake girlfriend.

With a cause to fight for, Riley agrees to Seth's scheme. If she keeps the superficial women away from Seth, then he'll leave the wildlife sanctuary alone. But pretending to be his girlfriend with ground rules: No ass grabbing. And absolutely no sex. EVER. The problem? The sexual tension SIZZLES when they're together.

Seth isn't so keen on Riley's rules, but he'll keep his word, at least until SHE decides otherwise. But bringing Riley into his circle has brought her past back to haunt her in ways that neither of them expected. Now it's less about broken rules and more about broken hearts, and Seth will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.


The third book in this series and it has Seth Sinclair wanting to make a deal with the female attorney that has been fighting him on the property that he wants to build a hotel on. Riley Montgomery enjoys fighting with Seth and chasing women away who are trying to be with him at the coffee house they go to. When he comes up with a solution for her to have a win for the property that they are fighting over, she does not know if it is worth it. He needs an escort to a gala and he wants her to go with him. The problem is he thinks she is just an average attorney fighting environmental cases. She really comes from a very wealthy family and was fine walking away from all of that B.S. especially her mother and ex-fiancĂ©. He, of course, does not find this out until they are at the function and is accosted by her brothers and then realizes what is going on. After having to deal with her mother he begins to see he was glad not to have come from that and still have his blue-collar vibes. Riley though has some issues from the past she must deal with and she does not know if Seth will still want her when she tells him. What she is not expecting is what Seth does and she has to get her emotions under control, for she has never felt like that before. A very good story and very much worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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