Game of Snipers (Bob Lee Swagger #11)

GAME OF SNIPERS                                STEPHEN HUNTER

When Bob Lee Swagger is approached by a woman who lost a son to war and has spent the years since risking all that she has to find the sniper who pulled the trigger, he knows right away he'll do everything in his power to help her. But what begins as a favor becomes an obsession, and soon Swagger is back in the action, teaming up with the Mossad, the FBI, and local American law enforcement, as he tracks a sniper who is his own equal...and attempts to decipher that assassin's ultimate target before it's too late.


The book opens with a woman Janet McDowell wanting help from Swagger. Telling him of the story of her son being killed by a sniper years ago, she goes through her trials and tribulations that have now led her to him. She also has somewhat of a picture of the man that she has been searching for. Not only has she been searching but so has Israel. Now taking her information with him he travels to Israel and goes through everything she explained to him. He then travels back to the U.S. Where they believe the sniper will be making his next attacked. I found this to be another good book in the series and at times shows Swagger at 72 a little off his game when in the field, which is understandable. The story still was in line with the other ones and kept me going until the end. I do believe anyone who has read the other books would be pleased with this one as well. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars

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