Songs of America: Patriotism, Protest, and the Music That Made a Nation

SONGS OF AMERICA                              JON MEACHAM

From "The Star-Spangled Banner" to "Born in the U.S.A.," Jon Meacham and Tim McGraw take us on a journey through the eras and the music that helped to shape a nation. Meacham writes a celebration of the history and songs of the eras, and McGraw reflects on these songs as an artist and performer. Beginning with the battle hymns of the Revolution, and taking us through songs from the defining events of the Civil War, the two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, into the twenty-first century, Meacham and McGraw explore the songs that defined generations and the cultural and political climates that made them. The songs of America remind us where we've been, who we are—and what we can be.


This book is written by a historian and a musician. The musician being Tim McGraw, McGraw gives his point of view from a songwriter of the musician side while the historian gives you the origins of the song. The song could be from the Revolution to the civil war, then moves on to World War one and mixed in there are also protest songs. You have “Brother Can You Spare a Dime” to “Happy Days Are Here Again”, one being the beginning of the depression and one after. You also have songs from the sixties protest songs and even the Boss “Born in The USA”. Most of the songs I have heard at one time or another being raised by older parents and much older grandparents. Most of the older songs I am sad to say most people will not have heard, but they were from a time in our country when music, not T.V. or handheld devices were even around. This was the way people communicated. Woody Guthrie singing about the dust bowl and the people (Okie’s) migrating West. All of these along with songs people sing in their churches are our history as a Nation that we have forgotten. I enjoyed reading this book I hope others will also. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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