Let's Talk About Sext (Let's Talk About Sext #1)


Phebe Stark needs a punching bag. No, on second thought, she needs a donut. No, on third thought, she needs to escape into a dark bar with a strong drink. She’s just been harassed, for the umpteenth time, by the slimy supervisor standing between her and a shattered glass ceiling at her high-pressure Atlanta firm. But then a tall, bearded, sexy lumberjack of a bartender saunters over, and suddenly Phebe knows she doesn’t need gin . . . she needs him.

Brody Cantrell didn’t exactly intend to become a bartender. He planned to help out at his ailing uncle’s bar for a year, then get an advanced degree and rise to the top of his field. Instead, he got a Ph.D. in Real Life from his customers. Brody thinks he’s seen everything—until he meets Phebe Stark. And when he gets a load of her fearless sexting skills, he just has to see what’s under that power suit. Brody’s certain they’ll have a good time or two—nothing serious. Then again, all these steamy messages and breathless trysts have him seriously considering . . . Why not?


Phoebe is an executive and after being harassed she decides to leave her office building during the middle of the workday. She walks into a bar which she really hadn’t notice before and really notices the bartender, who looks like a lumberjack. After Brody serves her and they begin to talk he makes her lunch which is not on the menu at all and so begins a heated romance between them. Everything goes well between them until her company party when they both make mistakes and for her, she goes off on him for one donating property to the city for a park instead of selling it, and then following that up with he is just settling with his bar and she cannot be with him. Weeks later when she finds out her best friend's husband helped with the park and is now volunteering she decides to also volunteer. She finds out that Brody is not only volunteering but also changed things at his bar and added a kitchen. Wanting to apologize to him, but is that really what she wants? No, she now works on getting him back. A very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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