Rad-Reader:  What gave you the idea for this book?

Nan:  Sean was one of the characters in the first book and the series is meant to tell each brother’s story, but he was the one who started talking to me when I was close to finishing Conor’s book. The whole friends-to-lovers trope is one I really love, so I knew one of the brothers would be in that kind of relationship. Sean and Meg just felt right.

Rad-Reader:  What gave you the burning desire to write the book?

Nan:  Sean needed his story told, just like Conor did. These four brothers have been in my head clamoring for their stories to be out there, so basically, I’m just obliging the voices in my head.

Rad-Reader:  Can you give us the backstory on Megan and Sean that the blurb doesn’t give us?

Nan:  They’ve been friends forever, but never really let their friendship grow into anything more—not so much because they were afraid of what might happen, but rather because, they were comfortable together just being friends. The relationship never really grew into anything romantic, nor did either of them expect it to go there.

Rad-Reader:  Did Megan and Sean ever try to date before?

Nan:  See above. ;-) No, they didn’t. He took her to prom when her date bailed on her and even as adults, they’ve gone to events together, but they’ve never actually dated.

Rad-Reader:  How did they meet?  Did they grow up together?

Nan:  They met on the bus in fifth grade right after Megan moved to River’s Edge with Dad, Mac Mackenzie, who had been a chef in Paris. Meg’s mom is in the fashion industry in Paris and when she and Mac amicably divorced, she was glad for Meg to go with him to Indiana, rather than be under a nanny’s charge in Paris since her schedule was so hectic. Meg goes back to Paris regularly to visit her mom.

Rad-Reader:  Has Sean been married before?

Nan:  No. His life is his work, pretty much.

Rad-Reader:  Has Meg ever been married or in a long-term relationship before?

Nan:  No, she’s dated some, but her life is pretty busy and she’s pretty content being single, although her biological clock is ticking.

Rad-Reader:  Why did Sean decide to practice law so far from home?

Nan:  He interned in the firm in Chicago where he’s now a partner. He liked big-city lawyering.

Rad-Reader:  Sean claims after he comes out of surgery, he just knows that Megan is there.  Why is that?

Nan:  Actually, he sees her when he opens his eyes and he’s a little surprised to see her there, but she’s part of, home and so her being there feels right.

Rad-Reader:  During his panic attack the only voice he could hear was Meg’s.  What do you think he chalks that up too?

Nan:  I don’t think he chalks it up to anything—he’s too stressed and panicked. I think it’s the only female voice in the room and besides, it’s his best friend, so he responds to it.

Rad-Reader:  He is not happy to find out Vin is taking her to breakfast.  Why?

Nan:  He knows Vin is a player and he doesn’t want Meg to get hurt, but also, he just wants her there with him—she’s a comfort. She’s home.

Rad-Reader:  Sean’s having a panic attack about his job and going back.  He doesn’t see that as a red flag?

Nan:  His panic attack in the hospital was about his client’s safety, not about his job. And he was worried about getting back to work, who was going to handle his cases while he was recuperating. That was a natural reaction for a workaholic like Sean.

Rad-Reader:  Meg said Sean and she hugged, at midnight last New Year’s Eve.  Did they go together to the party or meet there?

Nan:  The NYE party at the winery is an annual event and she always attends, sometimes with a date, sometimes not. Sean was there as one of the hosts. 

Rad-Reader:  Seemed like Meg had hired the perfect nurse for Sean when he had gotten home to Char’s.  How did she hear about him?

Nan:  She’s the mayor of the town and has connections all over the area. Someone at the hospital recommended Ollie. He was a great nurse, wasn’t he?

Rad-Reader:  What do Bren and Aiden do?  We know Connor runs the winery.

Nan:  Bren is a government analyst in Washington, DC. The guys tease him all the time about being a spy. Aidan is an actor in a hit TV cop show. His story is next in, Christmas with You, which releases November 21.

Rad-Reader:  When Sam describes Gia did neither of them notice that when she said that is Sean’s ideal type.  It’s his description?

Nan:  No, they were just going by the kind of woman he seems to date. He swears he doesn’t have a type.

Rad-Reader:  Now she receives the flower deliveries.  Are the pink roses from Sean and not Vin?  Or are they both from Vin?

Nan:  They’re all from Vin—he’s wooing her.

Rad-Reader:  Knowing what she knows about Vin why is she still going forward?

Nan:  She’s flattered by the attention, from a handsome, smart, sophisticated man. She wants to be in love. She’s hoping a little that she will be the woman to change his ways.

Rad-Reader:  If he has feelings for Meg why is Sean not trying to ask her out?

Nan:  At this point in the story, he hasn’t sorted out his feelings for Meg yet. They feel wrong to him because they’re new. They’ve always just been friends.

Rad-Reader:  Why does Sean keep making excuses for Vin’s bad/rude behavior with Gia?  Why is he still friends with a guy like him?

Nan:  He’s trying to make Meg see that it’s not her, it’s Vin, so he’s not really making excuses, he’s simply trying to explain how Vin behaves. Later though, he punches Vin when he shows up at his house. That’s pretty much the end of the friendship for Sean.

Rad-Reader:  Was she feeling humiliated by Sean’s kisses because of Vin and then talking about all her bad dates of late?

Nan:  She was humiliated because this was her friend, not someone she makes out with—that’s not their relationship at the moment and she’s terrified of destroying the friendship. Plus, she’s a little worried the kiss came from pity. That, Sean, was feeling sorry for her.

Rad-Reader:  Why does he wait so long to talk to Meg when he knows about herself esteem issues and the whole Vin situation alone?

Nan:  He’s not sure what to do about her. He’s confused and falling in love and not sure where they’re going to end up or what she’s feeling. Their friendship has taken a new and scary turn. Plus, the rest of his life is rather in flux.

Rad-Reader:  Why does Aiden seem so unsettled at the wedding?

Nan: Hmmm...that’s a good question. Book 3 is Aidan’s story and we’ll figure that out. ;-)

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Megan:  Katya Zhakova

Sean:  Wes Brown

Connor:  Ryan Paevey

Sam:  Lana Del Rey


Sean: Michael Fassbender  

Connor: Karl Wente (CA winemaker)

Sam: Isla Fischer   

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes your characters or your book best?

“Lonely If You Are – Chase Rice”

After Sean was shot, he came home to his hometown and Megan was right there every step of the way.  Each day he was seeing Meg had always been his one.  It had become most clear when he woke at the hospital.  Now he needs to convince her she’s not just his safety net.

“To the Man Who Let Her Go – Tyler Shaw”

Sean was so happy that Vin was exactly his same self that all the brothers had warned Meg about.  Meaning that her date with Vin and his blind date didn’t work out.  Leaving an opening for him.

“Start of Something Good – Daughtry”

Sean always knew his Meg was skittish when it came to new ideas and this idea was so left field that she would be shocked.  That first kiss though set the mark above the hope line.  It was his Meg giving her heart, but she was being fearful of having it broken even by Sean.  Because what if he just wanted the girl that made him feel safe.  After such a great trauma like being shot.  He knew he had to win her over.

Nan:  "The Search Is Over - Survivor"

Rad-Reader:  What do your friends and family think about your writing career?

Nan:  They get a kick out it, I think. They’re all very supportive and excited when my new books come out.

Rad-Reader:  Is this your full-time career?

Nan:  My day job is being a freelance copy editor for several large fiction publishers, but writing is my dream career. One day, I’ll be a big enough seller, I can depend on it as my sole source of income. In the meantime, I gotta pay the rent. 

Rad-Reader:  Where do you do most of your writing?  What time of day do you do your best writing?

Nan:  I mostly write wherever I am. I’m pretty adaptable, although I love having my own space to do that. Right now, I don’t because we’re in the process of moving, but soon… I do my best writing early in the morning before my house wakes up. And when I’m on a writing retreat with my writing bestie, Liz Flaherty.

Rad-Reader:  Now do you write in other genres besides romance?  If so, what? 

Nan:  Right now, I’m strictly a romance writer, but one of my earlier books (The Summer of Second Chances, book 3 in the Women of Willow Bay series) has a little mystery in it and I really loved plotting that, so I may venture into mystery after the Four Irish Brothers Winery series is complete.

Rad-Reader:  Do you have a writers group that you write with to bounce things off of in your town or online?

Nan:  I belong to the Indiana chapter of Romance Writers of America—they’re a great group of colleagues. I also have my critique partners and beta readers for feedback. Mostly though, I write with my writing BFF, Liz Flaherty. We are very compatible as writers and traveling companions and especially as friends. 

Rad-Reader:  Did you publish with a publishing house or self-publish?

Nan:  My first book, Rule Number One, was with a publishing house, then I indie published my Women of Willow Bay books because I couldn’t get anyone to get past my characters being older than forty. The Four Irish Brothers Winery series that I’m working on right now is with Tule Publishing, so I’ve gone back to traditional publishing. 

Rad-Reader:  What three things can’t you leave home without?

Nan:  My phone, a notebook and pen, and my Kindle Paperwhite. Read, write, talk. ;-)

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Nan:  Next is book 4 in the Four Irish Brothers Winery series—Brendan’s story, which is brewing now. I think it’ll be out in the spring of 2020.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?  Links

Nan:  The Four Irish Brothers Winery series buy links are here:
The Women of Willow Bay series buy links are here:

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?  Links

Thanks so much for being with us.  You will be our last author for a while.  I am taking some time off.  Being in the hospital has taken a lot out of me, what a roller coaster ride.  You and our last two authors have been so kind and understanding putting up with my crazy emails during the pain and not getting it straight.  Your book was a pleasure to read and I hope we did it justice with the promos and interview.  Think of us again in the future with new books coming out.
Thanks again,


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