Hard Chrome (American Heavy Metal #1)

HARD CHROME                                       VANESSA NORTH

Tanner Ellis left American Heavy Metal in her rearview mirror. She didn’t see the beauty behind the grease stains and the polished chrome until it was too late. Now she’s back, determined to save her father’s legacy—and bring the South’s premier classic-car shop into the new century. Nothing is going to stop her—especially not the sexy tech who refuses to follow her lead.

American Heavy Metal is the only home Duke Wilson’s ever known, and no high-heeled, sharp-tongued princess is going to take it away. He tolerates Tanner’s advice, and it’s fun to push her buttons, but she doesn’t belong in the shop—never has, never will. The sooner she realizes that, the sooner he can find his new normal.

When Tanner falters, revealing the pain beneath her bravado, Duke comforts her the only way he knows how. And when violence from his past threatens their future, she’ll be there for him, offering him the one thing he’s always wanted—a shot at a real family. He just has to convince himself to take it.


Tanner Ellis has come home from Chicago to help run Heavy Metal, the car shop that is now the family since their father died. She was not there for his death so she is wanting to make right by being their now afterward. First-person that she meets is Duke Wilson is not looking forward to the new boss and especially when she does not look like she belongs in a garage. She, of course, is frustrated with him because of his attitude and then on top of that, he has truck nuts. Well as you figured they become adversaries and begin to like each other which scares them, brings up past feelings. Both are dealing with family especially Duke and as much as they want to be together will they have enough to fight to stay that way. A good story with good characters and many other storylines going on as well. Very much worth the read. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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