Red Station (Harry Tate #1)

RED STATION                                           ADRIAN MAGSON

Four washed-up spooks. Two dead civilians. One remote and deadly outpost.

Harry Tate is a loyal MI5 officer and a servant of the State. But when two civilians are shot dead during a drugs intercept gone wrong, he is forced to take an immediate posting to the Red Station.

What he doesn’t know is that this remote Balkan outpost is a punishment and he won’t be going home. With an assassination team coming for him and invading Russian forces heading straight for the Red Station, Harry does whatever he can to save himself. But with few allies and enemies everywhere, Harry’s chances of survival shrink with each passing day . . .


Harry Tate was a solider and now works for MI-5 as the book opens with him and his team on an op. The op goes bad and days later in order to save whatever is left of his career he agrees reluctantly to go to a place called Red Station. Which is in the Balkans and he begins to notice that the other people there have also been sent because of a screw-up. Not feeling right about his night in question he finds a phone untraceable and contacts a member of his team to look into things. Also seeing what is going on where he is at he begins to feel that the whole situation is not right. Slowly as you are drawn into Harry’s plight the author also takes you to London and you begin to see what is beginning to happen. Will he and the other at Red Station find out as well or will they just be another casualty in a political game. Read this very good book to find out. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

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