The Broken One (Corisi Billionaires #1)

THE BROKEN ONE                                 RUTH CARDELLO

Single mom Heather Ellis would do anything for her adopted daughter, Ava. Even post an online reward for anyone who found the girl’s lost stuffed animal. Who’d have guessed it’d be returned by a drop-dead-sexy man with such sadness in his eyes that she had to reach out to him? To Ava, he’s a hero. To Heather, he’s a fantasy that puts at risk the happy life she’s made for herself.
It’s been five years since billionaire developer Sebastian Romano lost his wife and unborn child in a tragic accident. Now he’s all business. No room for emotion. Until he stumbles across that damn stuffed wolf and the beautiful single mother looking for it. Is he ready to give love a second chance?
But there’s more to Sebastian, his family, and his past than Heather knows. More than even Sebastian knows. Will the life they’re building together be challenged when the truth is finally revealed?

The first book in a new series for this author. It opens with single mom Heather looking for a lost stuff animal, her daughter’s. This lost wolf is what every parent or at least most have gone through. For me it was leaving my daughter’s blanket at an office, fortunately, the woman working that day know I would be returning at some point to be looking for that blanket and she had saved it! All was right in my world and our daughter could sleep. She is in college now and still has said blanket. So when Heather is retracing her steps looking and looking for this lost wolf I could relate. When Sabastian found it and wants to throw it away, I was taken by his desire to have everyone else do it but him. When he delivers the said wolf to their house he is beginning his change from when his wife died five years ago. Between the two of them, each one is learning how to be in a new or starting in a relationship. I think the author did a good job with that. Having Heather friends help her along the way makes for a good story. Also, the beginning and the end with Judy in a separate story trying to find information about her father’s family only adds to this continuing story. I really liked this book. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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