All I Want for Christmas Is You (Angel Falls #3)


Just when Kaitlyn Barnes vows to get over her longtime crush on Rafe Langdon, they share a sizzling evening that delivers an epic holiday surprise: Kaitlyn is pregnant. And if that weren't life-changing enough, everyone assumes they're engaged -- a charade they must keep alive through the holiday season. But Kaitlyn knows Rafe better than anyone, and Rafe settling down is about as likely as Santa skipping Angel Falls this year...

Rafe would rather Kaitlyn believe a lie -- that their night together was a fling -- than face his own dangerous truth: he's falling for her, hard. After a devastating loss, Rafe swore he'd never risk his heart again. Yet the longer they pretend to be engaged the more Rafe starts to want the real thing. But now he has to convince Kaitlyn he wants to be by her side -- and their baby's -- for all the Christmases to come.


The book picks up after the last when a wedding took place. Kaitlyn and Rafe who spent the night together and both being over the top with the night. Are now not talking to each other. She is also looking for her grandfather’s cookie recipe for a contest that she wants to enter and she feels that recipe would be a winner. She is also dealing with her niece who is still having issues with shoplifting and she is looking for anything to help her. She does have her start working at the coffee store and she also finds a tutor for her in math. Rafe, on the other hand, had been acting weird since the wedding. Now when Kaitlyn news to tell him and his family after the announcement his Nonna wants them to get married and so they become engaged. The thing that no one knows is that it is fake. As much as Rafe wants to he just can’t get over his past, so Kaitlyn leaves and moves back to her apartment. Now she is working towards the bake-off, her niece is doing better and for Rafe, she can only have dreams of what it could have been. Read this wonderful story to see how it ends and about her cookie recipe contest. A very good story with really good characters from the other books really likes Nonna. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at 

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