The Rancher's Redemption (The Millers of Morgan Valley Book 2)


Kate Pearce returns with the second book in a new contemporary western romance series--a spin-off of her successful Morgan Ranch series--focusing on a neighboring family with their own ranch and problems of the heart! Emphasizing family bonds, community and the pride in hardwork, this family saga is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings as a widower and a single mother learn that sometimes it's okay to lean on each other.


Lizzie is back in her home town but she has a son with a cowboy from a wealthy family, he does not want anything to do with the boy and at the same time told his family about her which was not all true. Adam and Lizzie have known each other for years, a matter of fact she was the best friend to his wife who has now been passed on for ten years from cancer. After Adam and Lizzie met back up in town when he helps her with her son Adam, for the most part, stays to himself at his ranch. Lizzie not understanding why this older woman keeps taking pictures of her son soon finds out when the family of his father sues for custody. Now needing some type of help Adam says he will help her in order to fight them to keep her son. Really, he ends up fighting to save himself. Lizzie takes a while to decide about being with him, and there are places where for me the story dragged. I really wanted to like the book very much but this one just left me a little short for some reason. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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