TORN (Tattered Heart Duet #1)

TORN                                      BROOKE O'BRIEN

Ryan Blake is off-limits. She is everything I shouldn't want, but do.

She's my best friend's sister, so feelings for her are out of the question. Her passion and fire trigger a spark in the dark hollows of my heart.

Now she's turning eighteen, and my resolve is starting to wear thin. I know I don’t deserve her, but I can't walk away.

No matter how my heart aches for her, I know I'll tear her heart in two.

TORN and TATTERED are companion novellas to the Heart's Compass series. You do NOT need to read the Heart's Compass books in order to enjoy the Tattered Heart duet.


     When you meet that person that makes your heart change it’s beat you know there is something special about them.  In Maverick’s case she could make you know she was the one and with her, he can lose it all. Your friend (her brother, Dean Blake,) your second family, school, everything.  Most of all her.

     He had nothing going for him, so he thought.  His mom died, his dad hates him and isn’t afraid to tell him on a daily basis.  Yet, Ryan Blake sees him and can calm him just by a gesture like holding his hand or giving him a good night's sleep.  Yet, felt he was not good enough for her.

     This book was very predictable but at the same time sweet.  Hate the way it ended yet it is reality.  Wish his friend which is her brother could have been true and seen him as a person and not his background.  Because it seemed like to be able to graduate early, you have to have been putting the peddle to the metal. Which means your work was done and turned in.

     It sounds like someone responsible to me.  Not a guy in trouble and by the way he had Dean’s back all these years. But because he likes and wants to be with his sister, he bows to the underbelly of scum to disrespect Maverick. Not cool.   

     For a short not bad at all.  High school read.  I give it: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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