PINKIE PROMISE (Promises #1)

PINKIE PROMISE                               RENEA PORTER

Simone has lost her trust in men. The one exception is her best friend Jace Prescott. In the twenty years they've known each other, they've made a lot of pinkie promises.

Jace has always had feelings for Simone. But she was with his brother for three years before they split.

With James' wedding to another woman coming up, Simone refuses to attend. Even if it is her best friend's brother.

Never one to go back on a pinkie promise, Simone agrees to be Jace's girlfriend for the weekend-long wedding festivities.

Will Simone finally see what's right there in front of her? Will Jace be able to convince her that he isn't his brother?

**This is a STANDALONE in a series**


     These two best friends since the age of six met on the school bus.  Nope, not instant friends not at all.   No, Jace kept stealing Simone’s hat and making her cry.  On this day she gets the upper hand saying she was not inviting him but everyone else to her birthday party.  All because he was so mean to her.  This is where the pinkie promise comes in and their friendship was formed.
     Here she is at twenty-five and still best friends with Jace and they still use the pinkie promise.  Now, it is being used in regard to a bet on whether she wins or loses.  She would go with him to his brother’s wedding.  Did I mention his brother is her ex?  Oh, Yeah!  That for three years, until she walked into his office and found him with his new flavor of the month, in an unwelcomed picture.
     The thing is this wedding was bringing clarity to Jace and Simone that they may have more than just a friendship and feelings for one another.  This is a short fast read.  The characters are fun, personable, and you felt like they really like each other, and you were there.
     I give this: 4 stars.  Free from Amazon.  Follow us at

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