Blazing for the Bratva: A Russian Mafia Romance Novel


I’ve always been the low man on the Sokolov bratva’s totem pole, but not anymore. The family is changing, growing, and I have stepped up as second-in-command. I’m not the errand boy now. Pavel the Puppy is no more. Now, I’m a wolf—a force to be reckoned with, and I get the respect I deserve because I’ve earned it.
But with status comes sacrifice, and the bratva needs an alliance to cement our place in the city's organized crime hierarchy. Now I have to marry a complete stranger who just happens to be the youngest daughter of the Mikhailov bratva’s boss—the most powerful man in the city.
She’s gorgeous. She’s educated. She’s feisty. She’s also convinced she’s too good for an arranged marriage with a man of my reputation.
But I’m going to make her mine. No matter what it takes. Mine.

My father runs the most powerful Russian mafia operation in the region. He has decided it’s time to marry me off to some no-name guy from some no-name bratva, and I want to find a way out of it. I deserve better than some second-rate lieutenant—I should be marrying a boss, myself! But Father’s word is final, so I don’t have much choice.
Then I meet him. He’s courteous. Mysterious. Handsome. He’s not at all like the puppy dog I had imagined or the bodybuilder wannabes who are typical of the men in the organized crime world. There is a danger that lurks within his beautiful eyes, and a demeanor of calm that commands respect. I want to hate him, want to hate our arranged marriage—but instead, I hate myself for wanting him so bad.
I have to get him alone, have to find out what secrets hide behind his eyes… and under his clothes. But if we are caught meeting alone before the wedding, it could bring shame on the Mihailkov bratva—and it could mean death for Pavel.

A Russian mafia romance story. Pavel’s boss wants him to marry a rival’s daughter. She is not the eldest but the youngest. Pavel who has worked his way up to second in command is not looking for a wife but will do it for his family.
Natalia who is told about the wedding is not happy one bit. To be married off to a lieutenant, who is really a nobody when she comes from the top family in the area is not right. She goes to the meeting and Pavel is not what she was expecting. While their chaperones are busy, they agree to meet by themselves on another day.
When they meet that day, everything is much different and now she wants to be with him and he with her. But now her father does not want the marriage, can she talk her father into it or will they end up fighting together side by side to save each of their families and each other? A wonderful story. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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