Dogfight over Tokyo: The Final Air Battle of the Pacific and the Last Four Men to Die in World War II


When Billy Hobbs and his fellow Hellcat aviators from Air Group 88 lifted off from the venerable Navy carrier USS Yorktown early on the morning of August 15, 1945, they had no idea they were about to carry out the final air mission of World War II. Two hours later, Yorktown received word from Admiral Nimitz that the war had ended and that all offensive operations should cease. As they were turning back, twenty Japanese planes suddenly dove from the sky above them and began a ferocious attack. Four American pilots never returned--men who had lifted off from the carrier in wartime but were shot down during peacetime.

Drawing on participant letters, diaries, and interviews, newspaper and radio accounts, and previously untapped archival records, historian and prolific author of acclaimed Pacific theater books, including Tin Can Titans and Hell from the Heavens, John Wukovits tells the story of Air Group 88's pilots and crew through their eyes. Dogfight over Tokyo is written in the same riveting, edge-of-your-seat style that has made Wukovits's previous books so successful. This is a stirring, one-of-a-kind tale of naval encounters and the last dogfight of the war--a story that is both inspirational and tragic.


This story like a few others from WWII is really about four airmen who did not make it home that day, yet we're so close to the final destination. The author uses letters, diaries, flight logs and interviews with members of the families. What is really heartbreaking is that when reading this you get the sense that the men in charge, higher-ups knew the war was ending but still sent them up anyway. Why? Also why was not anything ever spoken about these men yet I have read and seen multiple stories about the USS Indianapolis and what was done to her Captain and she was sunk after the war ended. The sad part of this whole story was the families at home and finding out what happened and still morning the loss of their loved ones. Again as far as history goes you can look back to World War one when Pershing still had American soldiers fighting up to the eleventh hour and of course past I felt once again who men who are in charge will say anything to justify their reasoning, but I still feel that they knew a surrender was going to be signed and yet sent these men to their deaths. A very good book well researched and very well written. If you enjoy history you will truly like reading this book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars follow us 

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