Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem MC #4)

HELL ON WHEELS                                 PENNY DEE


A shoulder-fired missile broke my body.

But betrayal obliterated my heart.

For months I lingered in and out of hell until my body healed.

Now I’m back in town with my club brothers. They think I am ok. But I am still fighting a war of darkness in my head and I can’t see a way out.

Then she comes into town like a summer breeze and makes me feel things I didn’t know existed.

She has the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess.

But she is running from her own demons. From the Devil himself.

He's coming to town and she's scared. But I've walked through hell and survived, and I'll walk through it again to protect her.


I’ve spent years running from my past.

Town to town.

State to state.

Never putting down roots.

Because I am running from the Devil himself and if he finds me he will drag me down to hell again.

Then I meet a beautiful, scarred beast of a man who makes me feel something for the first time of my life...hope.

He makes me want to stay but that's an impossibility.

Because the Devil is coming for me and when he arrives I won't stand a chance.


This is the fourth book in the series and the one about Chance the oldest brother. Throughout the other books, you were given little glimpses into Chance and his recovery. Here you are told what happened to him that caused his injuries, also a look back as to what drove him to the service and away from his father.
Once you get past the opening you are introduced to Cassidy, the two of them met while she is playing music. She also does not see Chance as a monster. He sees himself as one. When she agrees to play ay the clubhouse it goes off much better than she expected, so now she is looking forward to moving once again.
Cassidy's life is on the run from someone who she knows is still looking for her and will not stop. This adds to the story because you have two people running but find each other. Chance has no problem using his skills as a former Navy Seal in protecting Cassidy. You are taken on a journey and the author does not let you down. Anyone that was looking forward to reading this book will not be disappointed. The story itself touches on a lot of issues but the author does it in a way that works for the story. The characters are good, overall a very good book. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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