Worried sick, family services worker Amelia Randolph is watching her adoptive grandmother's health deteriorate by the minute.

It turns out that the sick woman's condition was caused by drinking contaminants that flowed out of the new water filtration system recently installed in her home.

The company that manufactured the water system is owned by sexy billionaire bad boy Jacob Montgomery. 

Amelia relentlessly pursues him in order to get answers about his faulty water equipment, and when he finally agrees to meet with her, she feels both hatred and lust toward this gorgeous specimen of a man. 

Was the defective water filtration system the result of an honest mistake, or did Jacob purposely tamper with it to seek revenge on plus size Amelia for uncovering a scandalous secret?

9 books included in this boxed set.


The Billionaire’s Game
      The old switch-a-roo Sierra was asked by her friend and roommate Katie to go on the blind date that her mother had set her upon.  Katie hated to ask her to play being her but, she has a job interview that was too good to pass up.
     So, by the time Katie helped Sierra dress and do makeup and hair Sierra didn’t recognize herself.  All she hoped is that she didn’t blow it for Katie, by blowing her cover and pissing her mom off at Katie.  She didn’t worry about the guy because no guy these days at lease around here were into curvy women.
     The thing is that AJ ends up being very attracted to her and he can’t understand why even asks her out on another date the following weekend.  She declines but she ends up getting a little tipsy at dinner and his driver and he takes her home.
     Katie almost blows her cover when she comes home and AJ’s thee and she calls her Sierra, but they get past that.  Now she can’t say no to Friday.  But the next day she meets up with him at her younger brother's new school  He wants her.  He even gets her and her father to have lunch with him.
     More time spent with him brings them closer.  But to what end?  See where they're headed.  I give this: 5 stars.

Boring Beginning

Legal Affairs
     Not sure I like the measures that Trevor went through or said he did to protect his practice and how many other women in the office did he follow the same method with?  So, they prove their loyalty to his law firm so he lies.
     I disliked how na├»ve Jennifer was to think that he could do that and get away with it.  He only did because she allowed it.  Now he wants to keep her a secret.  Wow seems like she changed into that situation eyes wide open knowing she would-be lying-in bed with him one way or another.  I give this: 3 stars.

The Billionaire’s Desire

     When you fall in love at thirteen with the neighborhood tomboy.  How do you let her know you want her heart as well as her friendship?  Alex thought he had the answer when he asked her to the dance to change her mind.  Brie is not showing signs of wanting to be with Alex though.
     Jump ten years and Alex’s parents are Killed in a car accident.  She is reunited with Alex for a few days.  Falling into an easy stance but not an easy space.  They fall into the tomboy and friend because a man and woman feel awkward.  But their true feelings leave them pining for one another.  She goes back to school he learns to run his father's company.  Three years go by she graduates and he goes does anything change?  See how life changes.  I give this: 5++++ stars.

The Billionaire’s Addiction
     Marisa was in dire need of another raise or more hours at work.  She just got and an eviction notice.  She was in for a shock her boss of five years was closing the restaurant.  Now she knew she was in major trouble.  After her shift, she checked online and called about a secretary job at a law office.
     She knew she had no experience but what did she have to lose.  So, she called and she received a time to interview  Jeffrey likes her spunk and willingness to learn.  So, she has a new boss.  At the interview Jeffrey is very charismatic yet when she reports for work, he is acting like a belittling prick.
     By the end of the week, she knew she needed to pay her rent up or she was out on her ear.  So, she went to her new boss to get an advance on her pay.  He said, “No!”  She refused to let him see her crumble.
     He felt bad after he was helped by her so he was going to write a check a week before payday.  She said, “It is no longer needed.  I handled it.”
     See how these two work out their differences.  I give this: 5 stars.

Second Chances

     Well, what can I say?  Sometimes a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still and always will be a wolf.  It seems to me everyone in the story was trying to get something for nothing and in the end they almost all three didn’t.
     Was Sean a player with a wifey at home all along and what made Brooke think Levi’s spots would change just because he saw her.  If he really wanted her wouldn’t he have tried to be a part of her life?
     She should have figured out something was a miss when Sean wanted updates on her sex life with her ex-really why?  Who does that?
     But the twist at the end is priceless bumps to the author got me.  I give this three is now a: 4 star.

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