Worried sick, family services worker Amelia Randolph is watching her adoptive grandmother's health deteriorate by the minute.

It turns out that the sick woman's condition was caused by drinking contaminants that flowed out of the new water filtration system recently installed in her home.

The company that manufactured the water system is owned by sexy billionaire bad boy Jacob Montgomery. 

Amelia relentlessly pursues him in order to get answers about his faulty water equipment, and when he finally agrees to meet with her, she feels both hatred and lust toward this gorgeous specimen of a man. 

Was the defective water filtration system the result of an honest mistake, or did Jacob purposely tamper with it to seek revenge on plus size Amelia for uncovering a scandalous secret?

9 books included in this boxed set


The Billionaire’s Boss
     Rachel Greene is close to her last dimes.  School loans are killing her.  Especially, after leaving her hospital job.  The doctor she worked around liked her curvy body more than he should.  Enough was enough.
     Now she was applying for a job at Blakemore Co. for a job she wasn’t qualified for but hoping she might make an impression for the job she is trained to actually do.  Blackmore and she have chemistry.  But when he crosses the line, she gets snippy and calls it a wash.  Knowing she won’t get a callback.
     But when she does and for the job, she’s qualified for she is happy but leery.  So, she is happy when she meets an older secretary who will be training her for taking over a job as his personal secretary.  But the chemistry is sizzling.
     For a very short, short it is hot and yet caring. 3 stars.

The Billionaire’s Gift
April Edwards was living the college life in the dorms.  Not to rich not too poor.  Just comfortable which she was okay with.  She had a boyfriend for two years, she was in a sorority, and she had good friends.
     Or at least she thought she did.  That was until her father was caught in a Ponzi scheme and causing her in turn to lose everything.  All the above is gone with the exception of one sorority sister.  She offered her a job at the father’s resort because it helped solve another one of April’s problems, as to where to live.  April gladly and gratefully agreed.
     Well, with a bumpy start but time in and catching on she was doing good until an old man (rich guest groped her) and she was fired for slapping him.  Another guest who felt sorry for her goes to check on her wanting to help her.
     Nigel the playboy of the tabloids is nothing like they talk about.  He has a side that April sees and can understand.
     I give this: 4 stars.

The Billionaire’s Caretaker
     Shelby Watson has been let go as a longtime nurse at a guest home due to budget cuts.  She understands, but it doesn’t pay rent.  So, the next morning she gets the paper to check the adds.
     She finds one and calls.  Michael answers and is gruff which puts her off already.  Yet, she agrees to meet with him.  When she arrives, he gives her the once over and although he doesn’t say it he thinks her plain, overweight, and yet naturally pretty.
     Right away he puts her on the defensive by not letting her completely answer before he has already decided the negative answer for himself.  When he did it one too many times, she lost it and put him in his place.  Which surprises her he seems to respect that.  Go figure.
     She says since she won’t be caring for him why doesn’t she meet the person she will be caring for to see how they will get on.  He gives her the ground rules and they do.  Nancy loves her and she hires her even with Michael’s unworthy rejections.
     See how these to get on.  I give this: 5 stars.

The Billionaire’s Wish
     Chloe lost her parents in a car accident when she was twenty-two and in college.  Her brother twelve was in the car also but survived.  She took him in becoming mom, dad, and sister to him.
     Financially, it’s not easy for her.  She’s a sub teacher so she can finish her degree.  Since Charlie is active in a lot of things after school, she is always busy with him.  No real-time for herself.
     When she meets who she thinks is her neighbor but in fact, is her neighbor’s friend.  There is an instant attraction.  Branden and Chloe have an instant attraction to one another.  He likes that she is a curvy woman with meat on her bones.  Not a stick his manager sets him up with.
     You see he is a famous race car driver.  So, Chloe doesn’t believe for one second a sexy ass fit man like him could look twice at an overweight girl like her.  You see the funny thing is she has no clue what this man likes or wants.
     See how this goes when she finds out.  I give this: 4 ½ stars.

Second Chance Romance #1
     Karma is a bitch Jodi met Justin when doing his hair at the salon she worked at.  She moved in with him she came from nothing.  But, being with him, this and twelve years older than her, was not for the money she really and truly loved him.  He loved her curvy body and all.  He liked that she had hopes of one day going to college and paid her way.
     Still doing hair, living life as a loving wife without a ring, and going to school.  She was content.  But she felt Justin’s restlessness.  Things were just not right.  After returning from a week at a hair show he dropped the bomb.  He wanted to break up.  He met someone his mom knew. His mom always disliked her.
     For three years, she has been pining for him like he left yesterday.  One drunk phone call sets a ball rolling.  Knowing he is not in good shape either in his relationship, does it?  He may soon be breaking up and he is not feeling it with the new girl like he did with her, finally frees her up to start moving on.
     When she meets someone and realizes she no longer wants Justin and he calls her and he wants to meet for dinner she is unsure.  She lets the new guy Nathan know that for their relationship to move forward she has to be over Justin.  Nathan, green lights it, saying that it’s true she has to do that for their future to make it or not.
     See how their meeting goes It’s a twist that I totally didn’t see coming that I really enjoyed.  I give this: 5 stars.


     Overall this was a decent set to read.  I just didn’t like that there was one of the books that were written over again several times in it but now difference but name changes not sure why???  So, I am assuming this was several of her previous sets thrown together.  All I could think.  I give an overall 3 ½ stars.
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