This Is Love (Harmony Pointe #2)

THIS IS LOVE                                           MELISSA FOSTER

Actress Remi Divine is sick of bodyguards, sick of stalkers, and sick of feeling like she is always under a microscope. But this movie star isn’t helpless by any means. She’s got a rebellious streak, and she knows how to use it. The first order of business: getting rid of the overbearing bodyguards who are sticking to her like glue.

Mason Swift has made protecting others his life, and when Remi ditches his two best men, he takes over and gives it everything he has. Having grown up in the foster-care system, and as a former special operative, he knows all the tricks. Nothing gets by him, especially not gorgeous, sneaky Remi.

He thinks she’s a diva. She thinks he’s arrogant. But when sparks turn to flames and their walls come down, their true hearts are revealed, and their connection is unstoppable. And when tragedy strikes, Remi realizes that being protected isn’t the worst thing in the world—but losing Mason just might be.


The second book in this new series I found to far more entertaining than the first one. In this one Remi, an actress is being stalked and after she ditched her last bodyguards her brother hires just one. Mason does only this to protect people. So, protecting Remi will not be a problem. For the most part, it is not one. Everything changes with a kiss and then behind the doors they are now a couple.
A couple is good that is until her brother finds out or is told. Waiting for his business meeting to end overseas Remi decides to wait. She also wants him to start treating her like the grown woman she is and not the little girl he pulled out of the wrecked many years ago. A wonderful story with many different characters, great places, and a wonderful story. A good book, I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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