THREE'S THE CHARM                     ELLEN DYE

Heath Ransom is educated, successful, a brilliant Doctor of Veterinary Medicine---and completely miserable. In the process of making himself amount to something---a feat no Ransom ever before achieved in Trenton's Forge---he'd managed to lose the only person who made his life amount to anything, his wife, Rachel.
Now he's determined to stop at nothing to win her back.
But Rachel has some very firm opinions where her ex-husband is concerned---and no way will Heath, with his golden blonde, ruggedly sexy good looks change any of them. She'd vowed never to speak to him again, and that was that.
However, when her beloved horse falls ill and Heath is the only Vet within three counties of West Virginia mountains, Rachel begins to learn that some vows need to be broken.
And perhaps others are meant to be renewed...


     What a sweet story of a second chance for a couple who meet as teens and go off after marrying.  So, Heath can attend Vet school they soon figure out life can be stressful when you are trying to juggle it all work, school, and new marriage.  As well as living away from home.
     You have a case of a lack of communication, lack of time together, and pressure to do well that you lose sight of each other.  But when there is a lack of mind-reading going on feelings involved and then you get hurt feelings.  Until one or both explodes.
     Rachel wants to help out so she takes it upon herself to get not one but more than one job.  Leaving them with odd schedules.  Due to Heath’s class schedule, tutoring, and sleep.  Leaving the times when Rachel was home, she was all alone.
     The final straw for her was when the car breaks down and she calls Heath and its dark, raining, and Heath tells her she’d have to wait because of an important exam.  So, she got a ride home, planned for a rental and repairs.
     When Heath walks in happy over acing one again another exam.  She lays into him with all the years of worth of withheld anger.  This is one over the top exit from marriage.  She was done being taken advantage of, being his maid, cook, a sex toy.  Yes, sex was good at this point the only thing that was good but then he was fast asleep.
     Coming home for her wasn’t easy.  Everyone knew something had happened.  No, one wanted o press.  She had made herself a prisoner of the ranch as to not have to go to town.  But when her horse becomes deathly ill the only vet around is Heath.  Yes, he had graduated top of his class.  So, she must eat her words to never speak to him again and call him.
     Heath comes quick as he can and stays for days and preforms a miracle.  Posey her horse lives and Rachel and Heath become somewhat friends again.  Can they become more or will old issues cloud their future?
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at  

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