A SOLDIER'S WISH                           TAMMY GODFREY

Sergeant Melody Finnegan has never felt good enough—not for her family, not for her career, and especially not for First Sergeant Jason Stewart. But she was there for him once, on a night when he had no one, and she’s never forgotten the way he made her feel.

Jason has hated the holidays ever since his ex-wife took their four-year-old daughter and left on Christmas day. But while he may not believe in the holiday spirit, he does believe in his men. And this year they could use something to cheer them up more than ever before. When Jason is called on to play Santa at his unit’s Christmas party, he has no choice but to accept, especially because this could be exactly what he’s been wishing for… a second chance with Melody.


     This is a really good book.  I’m sorry it took me so long to take it off my TBR list.  If it is still on your list read it.  Not sure it is still available but wanted to do review still.
     I am so glad I was smart to get the next in the series.  I didn’t feel cheated if I hadn’t but I did want to know more.
     There was quite the cast for this book the characters were plenty.  You had the people to cheer for, the ones to boo at and the say, ‘oh how sweet.”  My favorite of the cast would have to be Sky the daughter to Jason the male lead.  She is a hoot.  Precocious and then some.
     At first, I wanted to feel sorry for Jason but this is a First Sergeant, WOW!  He needs to grow a pair and take his ex-and his ex-CO to court for the treatment of his daughter.  The mom, his ex-friend & CO for her action of mental abuse of a seven-year-old and allowing it to happen.  Her husband for allowing it, he is a military man.  SO, NO!
    Melody had the most backbone and C.O. Crew.  But this book was hopping all the way through.
I give this: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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