A SOLDIER'S LOVE                           TAMMY GODFREY

Melody and Jason are stationed in Fort Jackson, counting down the days both until their wedding and the birth of their baby. Neither one can even begin to imagine the chaos that’s in store for them when their families arrive to celebrate with them.

Looking to cause trouble, Melody’s older sister soon reveals a devastating family secret that threatens to rip everything apart. Life for this new couple is about to be anything but easy. If Melody and Jason are ever going to make it down the aisle during the season of love, they’re going to need to forget the past in order to look to the future and their life together.


     A love of two people who are in the military.  Truthfully, never to run together but they circle each other for a while.  Their love story goes the fast track when Melody finds out she’s pregnant.
     The part that is not good is that Melody had been shot in Iraq and had been told it would not allow her to carry children when pregnant.  So, when she decides to fast track the wedding because Desiree, Jason’s ex is trying to take Sky his daughter away as if verbal abuse wasn’t enough to keep her.
     Her family all comes for the wedding including her sister Candice who when she was engaged before slept with her fiancĂ©.  She shows up and within the hour hits on Jason.  She is like a cat in heat.  Then she reveals news that will change Melody’s life and family forever.
     I am so sorry that it took me so long to read this book.  This is really good better than the first book.  The letters that her mother writes her, are amazing.  Letters every mother wants her daughter to read and have fore sure. 
     Although, there are several questions in this book that are left unanswered and book number three is no longer available.  So, I am S.O.L. teach me, right?  This is highly sexually charged but I must say that this couple truly loves each other, trust each other and believe in each other.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.
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