One mistake. That what it takes to change my life forever!

April Lawrence works for r Zac Turner (The Billionaire Boss) for almost five years as his assistant.

April’s and Zac’s attraction to each other gets the better of them and they cross the line of professionalism by sleeping together. It’s become a long-term secret office romance for about 2 years.

Things are going smoothly between them - the perfect mix of professionalism and sex. But both of them know it can be devastating...

They can’t seem to stop, but why do they have to?

It starts to get complicated when April falls for Zac, knowing that he’ll never commit the way she wants him to.

Admittedly, she was foolish for allowing herself to fall for him.

She feels it’s time to pull away from Zac a bit, maybe end their sexual relationship.

But, it’s too late.

Is she carrying his baby? What is going to happen to their relationship? And their life?


     Actually, this was a very good short.  Well written engaging characters with a lot of chemistry.  April has been Zac’s private secretary and right hand for the last five years.  She is invaluable to him.
     Two years ago, things changed.  Breaking his own rule.  In two years, no one has figured out what that change is.  Yet, April is worried that her feelings are starting to form for Zac.  Breaking their agreement of no strings, mainly because Zac doesn’t do commitment.
     April, however, is feeling it’s time to call it quits but Zac is not happy you see she has become his drug of choice.  See how they work with what they created.  Although, who wins you won’t find out in this free book I found on Amazon.  You’ll need to buy the next two books to find out.  I give this: 4 stars.

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