DRIVING MY BILLIONAIRE BOSS (The Naughty Streets of Waitesville Book 1)


Struggling author and monologist Lori is the driver for the ultrawealthy and successful William Patterson of Patterson House Publishing. She spends her days dreaming and her nights performing. Amidst a series of steamy encounters, Patterson will help put Lori on the road to accomplishing her every ambition.

This is a Steamy and Sweet, Instalove romance short story, from the naughty streets a Waitesville. It is the first of five books about this steamy place. If you are into a short love story with a handsome alpha and intense love scenes, this is the book for you. Enjoy <3


     How well can you know someone by the back of their head and eyes in the rear-view mirror?  Well, Will was about to find out.
     You see Lori is Will’s fulltime driver.  Each drive they would exchange a couple of words other than, Hello.  Work always pulled him away.  She didn’t expect anything less.  Will is in his mid-thirties, a billionaire, and owns a publishing company.  He built his own.
     At first, Will was reluctant to hire a woman but she was qualified and professional. She never spoke unless spoken to and drove no matter when or where.  On this day though he needs to meet a client at a book signing.  He asked Lori to be back at noon.
     To his surprise, she said the car would stay up front and she would walk down the way to have a coffee.  Not at a chain coffee house either.  The author he was meeting said that a coffee house is a great place for creativity that he wrote his first manuscript there.  I told him to go check it out and have a coffee with none other than Lori.
     Very cute book.  For a short, it had all the elements you want.  Troupe, interest, characters you can engage with, and steam.  I give this: 5 stars.  Got this free from Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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