Beck le Street

BECK le STREET                                      TOM McHALE

Sixteen years ago after an argument with his father, sixteen-year-old Charlie Ashton left Beck le Street, vowing never to return.

Now sixteen years later he is reluctantly drawn back into this incestuous community when his estranged father is charged with the murder of his mother. Charlie’s need to catch the killer destroys the thin veneer of 21st Century normality that masquerades as village life, revealing the raw violence that lurks just beneath the surface.

Does he run, fight or join them? Whatever - he learns there are vigilantes and then there is Beck le Street.


Charlie a professional photographer is awoken one morning by a phone call from his father. A man who he has not spoken to in years. As a matter of fact, the woman in his life thinks his father is dead. Now the call from his father is him telling Charlie that his mother is dead. He goes back to Beck le Street a place he left when he was sixteen and I got the impression that he had not been home much at all.
Home and finding out that his mother was murdered changes everything for him. When they believe his father was the one, he now works to find out the truth. When the father is murdered this only adds to the story. You find that Beck le Street has its own set of rules and justice, that the police really don’t care want happens their and Charlie though wants to find the answers. Will he though end up in the sites of the killer as well? This book has many different characters and they all add to the story. The author keeps you going with action, clues all the way to the end which makes this a very good book and worth the read. I received this book I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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