COMMITMENT (Redemption #1)

COMMITMENT                                  T.K. LEIGH

She's my sister's best friend.
She thinks I've never noticed her.
She couldn't be more wrong.
Now I just need to prove it to her...before she walks down the aisle.

Brooklyn Tanner and Andrew Brinks have a long she wants nothing more than to forget. Considering he's her best friend's brother and single father to two amazing girls who mean the world to her, it's almost impossible.

When the man she's been dating proposes, she thinks it's exactly what she needs to finally close this chapter of her life. After all, over sixteen years have passed since she gave Andrew Brinks her heart, only for him to destroy it. Why should that matter now?

But it matters to Drew.

When he learns of her engagement, he realizes he has a decision to make. Does he finally tell Brooklyn the truth of what happened all those years ago? Or does he watch her marry another man to protect her from enduring any more pain?


     This is a story of a trio an older brother Drew to Molly's best friend to Brooklyn.  The two girls have been a friend from school, both not having moms bonded them.  Drew was two years older.
     Not know it, Drew and Brooklyn had crushes on each other all their lives just never said anything to each other.  You see unlike Molly, Brooklyn had planned never to give her first kiss away to just anyone she wants it to be with someone extremely special or she loves.
     Yet, she knew she might never give her kiss away because Drew doesn’t even see her as anything other than his sister.  There wouldn’t be anyone else because her father is extremely overprotective that she would never get a date again.
     But when they have an almost kiss boosts their awareness of one another after Drew breaks a guy’s nose who was getting to handsy for his liking with Brooklyn, he set him straight.
     But Brooklyn goes to her first party and same broken nose guy takes advantage of her when she gets drunk for the first time.  Hence strip Uno.  She was upset Drew was out on his last day with his almost ex-girlfriend after trying to kiss her again a second time earlier in the day.
     When Drew shows at the Party after all cutting said date super short.  He finds Brooklyn about to remove her bra.  He throws a blanket around her and carries her out.   They argue and Walla-kiss.
     It’s the promise he breaks the next day that throws the next decade-plus into chaos.  Before you know it when he leaves for college that next day.  He’s not there long before he’s picked up by the NHL and he’s married with children.
     Brooklyn’s world truly shatters from one promise that one thought was broken.  But was it?  Misinformation leads to mistrust pointed at the wrong person.  The one who should man-up causes Drew to pay for years.  Years of not total failure from the one he wants it from most.
     She, however, is too weak to see or ask about the truth rather believe the lies even when told it’s a lie by those she loves. 

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