REDEMPTION (Redemption #2)

REDEMPTION                                    T.K. LEIGH

Everyone deserves a second chance, but not for the same mistake. At least according to Brooklyn Tanner. Over the course of their long, complicated friendship, she’s given Andrew Brinks more than enough chances. What has she received in return? Heartache. Pain. Agony.

But also love, as cruel and beautiful as it’s always been between them.

Can she put herself through that again? Can she risk giving Drew her heart, only to learn he’s the same man he’s always been? She’s unsure, her head and heart engaged in a tumultuous tug-of-war.

When outside circumstances threaten Drew’s family, will Brooklyn finally put aside the grief of her past to offer him the support, and perhaps love, he needs? Or was their fate sealed all those years ago when Drew had no choice but to betray her?


      This is the second book in the Redemption series.  TK has a fast pace way of writing her characters and story.  Are her characters the way you expect them to be?  No!  Now, what fun would that be?

     Her cast of characters are diverse in personalities and humor.  Although, our lead Brooklyn for me got on my nerves for most of the series.  She was either whining about her past and a promise.  She believes that was broken by a boy she grew up with, like a big brother.  Drew is the brother to her best friend since five-year-old.

     Though I saw her as weak through most of the book there are times when she is caring and loving.  Especially, with Drew’s whole family and even Drew when holding him at friends only.  For me to see her as a woman who took hostages and worked it well.  She had two men on her hook and she was reeling them in.

     Wes was a billionaire who traveled with her, loved on her, bought her nice things and cherished her.  But as soon as he asks to marry her, she panics she realizes she doesn’t love him as she should.  But she doesn’t tell him.  No, let’s use him, screw him, and lie to him about loving him.

     Drew, he figures out he finally could lose her from his life if Wes doesn’t want her hanging with him.  So, he starts making his displeasure known about her marrying someone she hasn’t known long.

     There is so much more that keeps this book moving lucky for us the reader it comes with a HEA.  Drew’s daughters are precious. 

     Because Brooklyn’s character drove me crazy.  I give this: 4 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at

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