There is nothing sexier than confidence and when it comes to love and passion, size doesn’t matter.

This anthology of nine stories ranges from sassy to sexy to sizzling, from contemporary to paranormal, and from new love to established relationships. What they all have in common are heroines who know they are more than the image they see in the mirror and who cannot be defined by the so-called rules of mainstream media.

Here you’ll find:

A woman who’s finally accepted herself and is not going to settle when it comes to her work or her love life.

A wife who needs to seduce the husband who is afraid to love.

A successful doctor facing down her high school bully and reconnecting with the man who loved her from afar.

A midnight kiss that becomes more in the new year.

A she-wolf discovering the vastness of her powers along with her soulmate.

And more. These women are going for big dreams, facing important goals and changes, and living with a passion that leaves their lovers breathless and aching for more.


Open to Negotiation by Sara Marks
Lydia is an event planner with a college friend Kitty as her business partner.  They are doing a well but a fundraiser for Jessica and her brother Marcus, CEO and expert on cybercrime.  Identity theft she understands back in college she was taken advantage of and everything was taken.
The fundraiser makes double what they ever thought it would.  Marcus and Lydia score too.  But his cockiness was a turn off to her because the guy that took advantage of her was well to do and was very cocky and it just brings back bad memories she would like to forget.
He hires her company again but she has Kitty take the lead he gets into the planning but more hands-on with the background things because he knows Lydia is handling those things.  Food tasting, decorations, gifts, etc.…His sister, however, gets pissed.
So, the girls decide to not do any more jobs for them.  Then, his sister’s upset because he’ll be upset.  She’s right.   Now, he needs to figure out a way to win her back.  Or did he have her at all?
This seemed like an odd story.  The siblings not only seemed controlling, privileged, and almost like they are stunted in age and manners.  Like being in the real world was too much for both of them.  I give this: 3 stars.

The Way You Look Tonight by Anna Fondant
The feel of the story had such a flow to it.  Melissa and her friend Cindy won tickets to a posh New Year’s Eve Party.  A few minutes before twelve after a long night of naughty old men a gorgeous young thirty-something asks her to dance.
Reid is a billionaire who makes his money in real estate.  He doesn’t see anyone but her.  He thinks she’s sexy thinks they have no future because she’s a starving artist, so she doesn’t call.  Five months later they meet again…
I enjoyed this story a lot.  You could feel their chemistry from the moment they meet.  The sexual tension was high and electric.  But when Melissa has to leave quickly Reid is visibly disappointed.  Will he get that call?  I get this: 5 stars.

Come to Me by Rachel Kenley
This story for me was lacking that feel-good feeling.  It was sadder than feel good.  If he didn’t have his head together when he proposed or as he says, “It just popped out” then why not just do a long engagement or tell her you got it wrong.  Hurt her now or after your married.
Yet, Jack marries Lindsey then he proceeds to ignore her.  She is expected to live up to his standards of living with his friends and family and he bails on her mentally and physically.  She even has to take on duties as his wife and yet she doesn’t feel like his wife anymore. 
She’s ALONE!  She is brave and figures out how to fix it.  I give this: 3 stars

Her Enchanted Curves By Trinity Blacio

The Beautiful Move-in Curves by Elizabeth Black
This was an interesting cougar BBW story but this woman was more in charge of who she is and what she wants.
What she wants exactly is more than the friends with benefits she has now.  You see she has been with Kevin, twenty-eight for some time.  A year talking to a guy she met on a kink website.  They meet in person.
Yup, meeting there early to the convention.  She goes to the room to change to be at her best to meet Jeremy, thirty-one and Liv is forty-eight.  What appeals to Liv about Jeremy is his job tells her he is a walking brain which is a turn on as in dirty talk.  Both men adore and worshiped Olivia’s body.  They have one weekend and let’s see.  I give this: 3 stars.

Delicious Hearts by Lia Violet


Go for Broke by Barbara Campbell
This is a story of an at-work romance of sorts.  Two people, Zoe and Clayton would see each other every Weds. When the armored car would come to the bank.  Clayton was the one to always enter the bank and do the exchange.
Eyeing each other, smiles, and their chemistry.  You could feel each time he came in it was great for her.  But they were not allowed to talk to one another.  Yet, on this day when he stepped out of the armored car, he saw Zoe struggling with a bird and a car.  He knew he had to make her day better.  After he got off work he drove to the bank and left her a note on the car.
This was a cute quick almost hookup, almost a one and done, but then you remember they may not have spoken but eyed each other forever.  I give this:  4 stars.

Rock and Cinnamon Roll by Trevann Rogers
Totally enjoyed this story about Cinnamon.  She was always made fun of.  Carrying extra weight made her an easy target.
With her name being Cinnamon, she got tagged with “Cinnamon Roll, Butter Luck next time.”  She didn’t let it stop her.  She excelled at her job, yet they were downsizing and after six years they were laying her off.
She was pissed off.  She trained most of the ones on her floor and they are keeping their job, something is wrong with that picture.  Her boss told her about an interview they are having the next morning.  She can’t understand why they just didn’t get the job she earned it. 
Her boss’s assistant is her best friend.  She stops her from packing up.  Telling her to come to the interview.  But that night they were going to a concert fourth-row seats for the hottest group out there.  She decides her right and goes home and gets ready.
The lead singer was hot and that was all she needed to know.  During the encore, she is called by security in a suit to follow him.  She can’t figure out why.  Then, when she does, she is, “OH NO!  I am not going to be their token fat girl up on stage.” When she turns to go the other way, the pretty thin people push her onto the stage landing on her ass.  ‘Move, Big Girl!’ Yet, in her head, she hears the phrase she heard growing up.
When she gets the chance to get up and, on her feet, to move again the stairs, she came upon are gone.  She walks across the stage to get off.  Finds an exit it leads to the basement.  Dressing rooms in fact.  None other than guess who?  OOPS!  I give this: 5 stars.

Reunion by Raisa Greywood
This by far has to be my favorite of the stories.  It was what you always dream of for any short, fat, skinny, too tall, and any other stupid thing someone wants to bully a person for.  You would hope that every girl/woman had a Jake (although a creeper laughingly), sweet to know his own insecurities kept him from reaching out.
Also, to know that the memory of Rachel is what helped get through some hard times in the military.  Loved that although Rachel is insecure about her body image, she used her body to throw off the mean girl Lucy, and some of the other mean people she brought with her.
Showing she would not allow Lucy to win anymore.  When Rachel sweeps Jake into the same crowd due to what Lucy says, he won’t allow it and he won’t allow her to run from him.
A good story you’ll really want to read it.  I give this: 5 stars.

Overall, I give this book: 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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