The Names of the Dead


Former CIA officer James ‘Wes’ Wesley paid the ultimate price for his patriotism when he was locked up in a French jail for an anti-terror operation gone wrong—abandoned by the Agency he served, shunned by his colleagues and friends, cut off from his family.

Now he is shattered by the news that his ex-wife, Rachel, a State Department analyst, has been killed in a terrorist attack in Spain. He also discovers that his young son, Ethan, is missing. But Wes didn’t know he had a son—until now.

Why was Rachel in Spain? And why did she keep his son secret from him?

Granted early release, Wes takes flight across Europe to search for the truth and exact his revenge. But can he catch the spies who betrayed him before they track him down? In order to find the answers and save his son, Wes realizes he must confront the dark secrets in his own past—before it’s too late.


A very different and yet exciting spy thriller. The book opens with former CIA officer Wes in a French prison for shooting down the wrong helicopter. You find this out a little later as well as he was set up, by someone who he thought was a friend. Now years later after seeing a bomb go off in Spain that his ex-wife Rachel has been killed, she was one of the victims. He wonders what she was doing in Spain being that she worked for the State Department as an analyst. As if receiving that news does not set him back the next bit does for sure. He is told that her son is missing and that the son is also his child.
Suddenly he is given an early release and then you begin to get the sense of how the story will be taking place. His critical thinking comes back into play when men come to pick him up and speak about the person who set him being at the place where there going. Knowing that is false, he also knows he will not make it to said place if he does not do anything at all. He must though for he has a son, and he will find him and find out why his ex was killed.
A very good story and I like that it took you to different places. The author keeps you engaged with the Mia character and also the easy flow of the story. This is not one of those high off the charts spy books and that was very nice. You felt like this was an actual story someone was telling you. A very good book and very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at

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