A Southern Girl Re-Belles


Abigail Winchester is having one hell of a day. Crashing her car into the church's nativity, then losing both her best friend and her job are bad enough. But then the assisted living center calls: Abigail's grandmother is being kicked out, and guess who's listed as the next of kin?

Even though they haven't spoken in over twenty-two years, Nana, the strong-willed matriarch of the Winchester clan, has plans for her wayward granddaughter. Trapped in a small Texas town, Abigail is forced to take a long, hard look at the life she's been living since her parents died. The drinking, the recklessness, the anger ...

But life in the Bible Belt isn't all therapists, swear jars, and teetotalers. Bo LeBlanc, the county's most eligible bachelor, has set his sights on the new girl in town, and he might just be exactly what Abigail is looking for--if she can survive gun-toting octogenarians, crazy stray cats, and DAR luncheons!

I finished writing A Southern Girl Re-Belles on September 20, 2018. There was a storm that night, and the next morning I was awakened to this. A double rainbow. As Nana says, "You just can't make this stuff up." That morning, as I looked into the sky, I knew that my dream had come true, and this book would be something special.


The story opens with Abby crashing into a church’s nativities scene fortunately only plastic animals were injured and baby Jesus was unharmed. Abby does try to get her best friend MG to tell the police she was driving but it does not fly with MG pregnant and the seat to close to the steering wheel. Being arrested and held accountable she has to pay for the damages, ends up on probation with a man named Tooter Dugan, what a name. she of course now figures that everyone in her small town knows which is true and she also losses her job.
Then she gets a call from her grandmother’s care facility that she needs to leave right away, the reason you need to read about. When Abby arrives, she also is now in violation of her probation by having left the county. Turns out her grandmother and others are prepared to take care of her problem. Now she must live with her and be under her rules.
With the story taking a turn you begin to find out her history and where her life changed her junior year of high school. The story changes with her being required to do community service and go to therapy where she begins to change along with the people, she meets Bo and someone else. Yes, there are moments where you want to be mad at her and the grandmother but they stay true to the characters all the way through the book. A good story that was better than I thought it would be. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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