Bench Player (Charleston Thrashers #2)

BENCH PLAYER                                      JULIANNA KEYES


As Public Relations Manager for the Charleston Thrashers, I’m responsible for protecting the team’s reputation. But after our right fielder gets sent to prison and we lose the World Series, my own reputation takes a huge hit. There’s only one way I can save my job: by revamping Connor Whitman’s tarnished ex-con image. Keeping my eye on the ball isn’t a problem until I discover what’s underneath his unkempt exterior—a man who’s unexpectedly vulnerable and distractingly sexy. Now, my professionalism is sailing far into foul territory.


I’ve served my time, and now I’m determined to reclaim my spot in the Thrashers’ outfield. Unfortunately, the new General Manager doesn’t want an aging ex-con on the roster, so I have no choice but to go along with Allison’s annoying scheme. Her bossiness drives me crazy—but so do her legs and her hair and her all-too-rare smiles. I can’t afford to fall for anyone when my focus needs to be on baseball, but love is a game I’ve never played before, and for the first time ever, I’m out of my league.


This is the second book in the series and though I did not read the first one you really do not have to. The story mostly about Connor who is a star outfielder and had everything going good until he is arrested during the teams run in the World Series when they were up three games to one. After his arrest, the team lost the next three games and for the next two years while he has been in prison it has been so good for the team of him.
Now released and wanting to play again his idea is to get back with the only team that he has ever played for. The new owner does not want him but will not tell him to his face right away. Enter Allison the PR person who has been doing it for years and now is stuck with a boss she hates who does not know the game and a grumpy ex-con who wants to get back into the game. He did not have a good personality before prison and now she must get him to work with her to fix his rep if he wants a chance at his career.
She knows it will be tough because she deals with her grandfather who played in the game for years and he is just as stubborn now in the nursing home as he was when he had to go in., she loves him and figures if she can deal with him she can deal with Connor.
This actually turns out to be a very good book and without giving to much away this is one that gets better as you get to the end. Really a lot of good moments even the times when Allison was using her ice pick. A very good story, with very good characters I really liked her grandfather. Very much worth the read. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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