BILLIONAIRE BABY SECRET A Steamy Billionaire Romance


How can love survive when a baby changes everything? When my no-good cheat of a boyfriend dumped me, it was the best thing that ever happened. Because that night, I met Chase.

He's everything my boyfriend wasn't-charming, well-spoken and holy cow he's good in bed. That first night, at the karaoke bar, he had me singing twice-first, on stage, and then later in his bedroom.

For a curvy girl like me, he's a dream come true. I get shivers just thinking about him-our first kiss changed my definition of reality.

But-and here's the thing-Chase doesn't want children. Not such a big deal, unless you've just found out you're pregnant to the ex-boyfriend.

I know who I want to be with. I think Chase wants to be with me too. So what the hell do I do now? If I tell him about the baby, it will ruin everything.

Billionaire Baby Secret is a standalone romance with a happy ending.

But be warned: this book is so hot it will have you fanning yourself (and looking for your closest karaoke bar). It contains smoking hot action between a curvy BBW and a gorgeous Billionaire and includes sizzling scenes which are for adults only.

Read it only if you enjoy smoking hot romance, secret babies, classic music, sexy billionaires and curvy women learning to stick up for themselves!


      Was refreshing in the respect that our heroine gets her backbone back. On the night of her birthday and she has realized she’s been allowing bad behavior from Dan. He’s her lazy out of work good for nothing mooching boyfriend.
     Yeah! The one that forgets it’s even her birthday altogether and makes plans with his boys basically the men children that he hangs with to go to the bar. She just happens to come home before they leave and asks to go with. He ignores her, doesn’t make room for her at his table so she sits at the bar alone.
     She sees him flirting with the waitress. Grabbing her and tipping her big money to be a big shot. Really her money. While at the bar she meets a well-dressed wealthy Englishman, who wishes her a happy birthday and buys her a drink. This full figure girl is amazed when he talks her into doing karaoke although she’s scared, he gives her strength.
     When Dan sees her sign up, he starts a fight and says no not to embarrass him. Then, orders her to give him more money, she says no to both. He says if she doesn’t do what he wants it’s over between them. She says it’s over.
     Chase is there to make her birthday brighter.
I give this: 5 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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