GIFT FOR THE BOSS (Managing the Bosses #3.5)

GIFT FOR THE BOSS                         LEXY TIMMS                    

A Gift for the Boss - A special Christmas Novella

Jamie Connors has settled into the life of Senior Advisor and boyfriend to extremely handsome and sexy billionaire Alex Reid.

Having just moved upstairs from her suite into his mansion home, she's adjusting to the new life and incredibly happy for the first time in a long time. She can't stop feeling the holiday spirit!

Alex and Jamie are spending their first Christmas together and want to make it memorable, and perfect.

How adorable can new love be when you have the perfect Boss and boyfriend?

This is a standalone Christmas story that can be read with or without having read the rest of the Managing the Bosses series. I've titled this book 3.5, as it fits nicely between book 3 and the soon to be released book 4!


    Some things remain the same even at Christmas like Steven in fact. I believe his true colors are showing. Being drunk was his so-called excuse with Jamie now just his mask being removed.
     And yet, so much more his changed. Although, Jamie still has her insecurities about her weight and measuring up. She is bolder and outgoing in other ways. She is a true powerhouse that sneaks upon you with her gentle ways, her kindness is endless, but her bite can be strong if you mess with those she loves.
     As far as Alex, wow what a complete transformation there. We get to see how childlike and almost giddy he is to be spending the holiday with someone he loves. You can feel how lonely he is to experience the many traditions of Christmas.
     That Jamie helped him make a place in his heart for his estranged brother after his father died, makes it even more special. Very sexually motivated story short.
     I give this: 4 stars. Free on Amazon. Follow us at

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