Breaking the Fall (Breaking #5)

BREAKING THE FALL                            EMBER LEIGH

In the live music industry, Eddie Valenzuela’s seen enough bands to know what good really sounds like. During one wild night out, he collides headfirst with an up-and-coming singer who puts ‘good’ to shame. She’s got the voice, the look, and holy hell, the body too. But after a sizzling week together, the singer who seemed like Mrs. Right turns out to be Mrs. Not Quite Right when she disappears without so much as an Instagram handle.

Fiona Frank’s only goal in life was to make it big doing what she loved: playing music. And her hard work paid off, in the form a big-time record deal that has her doing TV shows, radio spots, and even her first international tour. Her career is built on spurning love and staying single, though she’s never been opposed to the occasional lover. As long as they don’t last. And she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that the world falls in love with The Sin Girl.

But she wasn’t ready for the positive pregnancy test on her first international tour. There’s only one man that could be the father: Eddie. While Fiona grapples with the next steps, Eddie goes gung ho being the family man she never asked for, and the pressure from the label is mounting. If they discover her secret, she can kiss her contract goodbye.

Which means she has to figure out how to break her fall.


Wow-what a story, this book had me from the start to the end. I liked both of the main characters, Eddie Valenzuela and Fiona Frank. Fiona an up and coming singer in the business is finally starting to make it and is getting ready for her first big tour when the two of them meet. Eddie who has been around the music industry and books bands for clubs he works for knows she is a star when he hears hear sing the night they meet. Instantly attracted to each other they leave and spend the weekend together.
Fiona is known as the “Sin Girl” is good for hookups but not a relationship, though everything feels different from Eddie she has a tour she needs to get to the airport for. Eddie sees her running around his apartment Monday morning knowing something has changed with her but she won’t talk to him. Wanting to make breakfast for her she tells him she has to run. He is wanting her cell number and she says she will write it down. She leaves and he feels like something is wrong. Looking around there is no number later he sees her at the airport with some actor hanging on her saying that they are a couple.
Eddie works through his pain of losing her when she arrives back from her tour. She also as an extra special gift and the two of them must work together. Yes, she is still fighting Eddie on that as well, especially when he mentions the word family and wanting to be together. When everything comes crashing down around with her record label and others, she taught her friends she finds out who really are her true friends. She also finds therapy the only thing she needs to do now finds her love, Eddie. The end of the book and epilogue I would call it are really good. I found this to be a very good book and I liked all of the characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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