Date to the Rescue (Do-Over Date #4)

DATE TO THE RESCUE                          SUSAN HALTER

Super organized Lucy Remington is done getting burned by unreliable men, so she’s giving up hot and spicy and holding out for reliable and responsible. When her friend sets her up on a blind date, she agrees to make dinner for a man who sounds like the very definition of stable: an accountant.

The only problem? Lucy is the queen of toasters and takeout. But she’s determined to make a home-cooked dinner for her upcoming date. Instead of whipping up a delicious meal on her trial run, though, she ends up setting her kitchen on fire! Even worse, she finds herself in the arms of a handsome man who makes her heart race.

Firefighter Jake Bryant may be a genuine hero, but he’s like the curry Lucy wishes she could make—hot, delicious, and unforgettable. Therefore he’s a dating mistake waiting to happen. Despite the fact that Jake makes her laugh and she craves his company, Lucy’s mind is made up: she’s sticking to the date with the uncomplicated accountant.

To Lucy’s surprise, Jake offers to teach her how to cook so she can impress her blind date. Confident in her willpower, she agrees. Soon, however, Lucy’s hungering for sweet icing more than plain old flour. Can Jake rescue Lucy’s sautéing technique? And with a little cayenne here and a dash of chili pepper there, can he rescue her heart, as well?


Lucy Remington has given updating the men that she thinks are right for her and is now going after steady and stablemen, like the accountant that she has a date with on Friday. She has decided to cook him dinner. The biggest problem with that is she does not know how to cook, to the point of burning toast.
Deciding that you must prepare first she decides to start with an online cooking class, following a chief. Here it begins to go off the rails. When the chief decides to make an omelet and she has gotten most of the eggshells out, he then has her turn the burner to low heat. She decides why low and slow when high and fast is better. It should also be noted that she does not have any patience as well.
Meanwhile, her friend watching begins to tell her, her pan is on fire when she finally realizes that the pan is on fire, by the loud screeching noise of her smoke detector. Hence the kitchen now full of smoke.
Jake Bryant one of the firefighters arrives and just in time to catch Lucy as she took a swing at the smoke detector with her broom standing on the marble island only to miss, slip and fall into his arms. Jake is drawn to her and though she will not admit it she is to him as well. When he asks her out, she declines because she is looking for someone like the accountant that she is going to meet.
Jake suggests that he give her cooking lessons which she agrees to and these lessons turn out to be just as funny as her one time trying to cook. This is a very fast-paced book that I read in one night. The characters are all good and go with the story and Lucy really kicks it up with her wanting to rush things along.
See how her date with the account turns out and also how Jake is such a good cook. Will Lucy stick with the money guy or stay with the burned nachos? Avery good book. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

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