HIS BBN - BIG BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBOR (Sweet Alpha Brother Neighbour Series)

HIS BBN                                              ANNA L. HENRY

When any woman dreams of a hunk of a man Joshua Gentles fits the description to a T: Tall, muscular, handsome. In short. He was HOT. And hot guys always got hot girls. But those just are not his type. When he moves into a new apartment complex he is instantly smitten by his new neighbor, Anabelle, who has a bright and bubbly personality that is as big as she is. But she barely gives him the time of day. Joshua is not the type to take ‘no’ for an answer and goes in pursuit because he knows that Anabelle is not just what he wants, but what he NEEDS…

When Anabelle Landers takes on the task as president of the tenants’ association for the apartment complex, she knew she would have to meet and greet all who lived there. But nothing could have prepared her for the hunky Joshua Gentles. To add insult to injury, he was actually pretending to be interested in her. But in spite of her resistance, she knows she’s falling for him. now if only she could stop him from finding out that he had become the star of her latest bedtime fantasies. When they find themselves trapped in close quarters and they have no choice but to talk, Anabelle realizes Joshua may not be so bad after all…


       Bad Memories can take you into a tailspin before you know it and that is what a flirting sexy as hell Joshua did to her.  He is her new neighbor along with his brother, Marlon.  It is equally as sexy but Joshua has that spark.
     Well, she was thrown back to high school when she was an extra settled about her weight until Brian shook her foundation.  At fifteen the new boy had taken a liking to her.  But, only in secret.  He wanted to keep it under wraps, he said.
     For her protection but really for his own reputation.  So, she thought for sure when this important dance at school came around, he was going to ask her.  Telling everyone they are a couple and she waited but nothing. 
   So, the next day she goes to the table where he sat with his friends.  She confronts him.  He proceeds to degrade her ass he has everyone laughing at her.  He beat her down.
    After playing sick the rest of the week and it took a while but by the school fair after a week of trying to apologize, he walks up to her side as if old friends.  She stops he asks to talk to her.
   She gives him back his own harsh words he spits out to her basically, sorry have we met?  Not looking up from the donut box, long enough, to introduce myself it’s hard to tell.  Then, she walks away.
    Now, her instant chemistry with Josh scares her is he’s wanting her for her.  Or is there something else.  It might be he was heavy in school too and weight really doesn’t matter or he’s just a big guy who likes larger women.  In any case, he wants her.
     Loved all the community coming together, the closeness of the brothers, Petra, and Belle’s friendship and the courtship Josh and she have.
     I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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