TEACHING HER A LESSON (Class is in Session Book 1)

TEACHING HER A LESSON                      REMI GREY

An Alpha Male and Curvy Woman Romance

Chloe Rivers, sometimes referred to as Miss Rivers during our meetings, instantly hooked me.
After moving states, I didn’t exactly strive to get people to love me but was drawn to Chloe the first day I met her.
Voicing the way I really feel didn’t always come outright.
It seemed we bickered more than we really talked, so imagine my surprise when I fell in love with her.

Owen Masters, “The Ginger with the accent.”
That’s what I called him in my head the first time we met, but then I really got to know him. Then it got shortened to “asshole.”
It seemed that everything he said just aggravated me.
That was until I got to know him outside the conference room.
Falling in love with him was never a part of the plan.

Teaching Her a Lesson is a sweet and steamy romance between two elementary school teachers who butt heads in the beginning, but learn that nothing is what it seems when you take a chance on someone and really get to know them. This is the first story in the Class is in Session series.


     What an enjoyable short.  With all the elements for a romance, you could ask for.  The instant confrontational couple, an instant sexual attraction and tension, causing an ongoing banter.
     Sometimes making each other come off differently than they intended.  She’s feeling as if he knows all and that she’s being talked down to, unliked.
     Owen feeling as if no matter what he says or doesn’t say it is the wrong answer for Chloe.  When all he wants to do is give her whatever she needs.  He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, but he very much cares what Chloe thinks.
     When Chloe is able to confront her past face to face, she is able to tell Owen what she thinks and feels.  I give this: 5 stars.  Free on Amazon.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.

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