The Cheat (Played #1)

THE CHEAT                                               MARITA A. HANSEN

Although Lucy hates Riley Jamison's personality, she loves how he looks, which is why she films him every night through her bedroom window. She watches him undress, knowing he's teasing her, his smile all but telling her she can look but not touch. Yet she wants to touch more than anything, so when he comes to her for help, needing her to do his assignments, Lucy sees a way she can finally get what she wants.

Riley knows Peeping Lucy has a crush on him, all of the school does, and he's never cared until it can get him what he needs. He's desperate to win a hockey scholarship, taking him one step closer to pulling him and his dad out of poverty. And he's willing to do anything for it, even if it means he has to sell his body - and his soul, cheating on everything he believes in.


A different kind of book about two high school students who live across the street from each other. One-night Lucy notices Riley from across the way through his window and for a few nights, she watches him after his shower until he catches her. What really makes it worse is that he goes to school and tells his football friends and then she becomes known as the peep as “peeping tom”. Her freshman, sophomore, junior and beginning of the senior year of high school has been the worst. Bullied from walking in the halls, in the classrooms, lunch area she is amazed when she is asked to tutor him so he can still play football so he can try I make it to college.
The problem becomes when she finally gives in to help him the bullying, he begins to see first hand so now will he step in and stop it or just say nothing. When he tells her, he likes her she again thinks that it is a trick to just make the rest of her high school last year worse. A story that has many different emotions and I am torn because of the bullying aspect but I do realize it does take place. I received this book from I gave it 3 stars. Follow us at

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