The Viking's Captive

THE VIKING'S CAPTIVE                        INGRID HAHN

Thorvald Longsword can’t believe all he has to do is kidnap the daughter of his jarl’s enemy to get his land back. Easy. But when he finally snatches the princess up and tosses her over his shoulder, the beautiful spitfire makes him question his determination to get his land back at any cost.

Alodie gladly agrees to impersonate the princess so the bloodthirsty Northmen will take her instead. While Alodie might be ready to die for her people, she wasn’t prepared for how her pulse races for the maddeningly noble captor whom she’d just as soon hate.

But what happens when Thorvald finds out she’s not who she says she is...


I normally don’t read these types of books, but I must say this book kept my interest from beginning to end. When Thorvald goes to the land where he is to take the king’s daughter for his jarl. He is doing so in order to have his family land back. That was the only part of the mission no looting. When he catches when one of his men disobeying him at night, he also finds the princess by herself. He takes her and puts her over his shoulder and within hours they are off. Back in their boats to their land.
What he does not know is that the woman he has is not the princess, she has decided to go in order that her princess will be saved. The journey home though finds them talking. He is surprised that she knows their language. Then on a night when a storm comes and he tries to save his cousin, he is again surprised as she is holding on to him so he will not be lost into the ocean. He is confused as to what to make and do with her.
Alodie is also surprised that her body is telling her that she is to be with this man but he won’t be with her instead he thinks she must be turned over the jarl it is then when she calls him a coward that the story really begins to get intense. I for one could not put the book down until I finished, I had to find out what happened. The author had me all the way to the end. This is a very good book full of action and everything everyone wants. A very good read with good characters. I received this book from I gave it 5 stars Follow us at

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