A Guy Like Me: The John Scott Story

A GUY LIKE ME                                        JOHN SCOTT

The John Scott story is the ultimate underdog narrative in sports during 2016 when Scott—in the twilight of his career—went from a joke All-Star fan-voted nominee to scoring two goals and winning the All-Star Game’s MVP title. This is his heartwarming story about an average Joe who became a sports superhero overnight.

Known as a willing-and-able fighter and bruiser in the league, John Scott was a surprising and tongue-and-cheek nominee for the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. He’d been in the league for over eight NHL seasons, playing for teams such as the Wild, Blackhawks, Rangers, Sabres, and the Sharks. Scott’s best attribute as an NHL player was dropping his gloves—never the best player, the 260 pounder did become the most feared fighter in the NHL, racking up extensive penalty minutes. In order to prevent him from playing in the game, his current team—the Phoenix Coyotes—traded Scott to the Montreal Canadians, who demoted him to the AHL team in an attempt to disqualify him from playing in the All-Star Game. Fans were outraged and Scott was devastated. He’d been downgraded in his job—forced to relocate while his wife was pregnant with twin girls. But the fans wouldn’t back down and insisted the NHL let Scott play in the game. The league relented, and Scott not only was invited to attend the NHL game in Nashville, but was nominated a team captain. The media and sports fans at large fell in love with the giant six-foot-eight player who by all means, was just a normal guy and no superstar player. In a true Cinderella story, Scott scored two goals and was the All-Star Game’s MVP. This is his personal memoir—detailing his life growing up and how he was able to keep his sense of humor and become the ultimate Cinderella-Story of hockey.


A book about John Scott who in 2016 was a nominee to the NHL All-Star game and the league office and some others wanted him to decline in going. He was even traded from Phoenix to Montreal and then sent down to the minors. All of this while his wife was pregnant with twin girls ready to deliver any time.
The book opens with his childhood and how he got into playing hockey. He also talks about his home life and about his brothers and how both his mother and father have been there for him always. He takes you through his young life up to him going to college and his beginning to play for the college team. He also goes through all of his attempts in trying to date the woman who would eventually become his wife. That was just one part of the story that was funny. He also talks about a time when he was in an accident while he was in college and how it was, he was responsible for it and it made him start to look at things differently in his life.
You then get a look into his career as a hockey player first in the minors then finally making it to the NHL, playing for the Minnesota Wild. He goes into his reasoning for having enforcers still in the game which I agree with. You get a good look at his career and his marriage. A look at the game through a player’s eyes and not a star eye. I did not understand what Mike Millbury has against him.
When you finally get to the end of the book, he takes you through the whole All-Star fiasco and how he finally played the game and became the MVP of the game. Of course, afterward, the NHL changed the voting so fans won’t vote just a player to the game and not a star, though I thought part of that part of the game was for the fans? I must be wrong go figure. I found this to be a good book and very much worth the read for any fan. I received this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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