Asking for Trouble

ASKING FOR TROUBLE                        AMY ANDREWS

Who better to play wingman to a girl getting her groove back than a smoking-hot cowboy? Find out in the third book in the Credence, Colorado series.


I received this book for an honest review. Della has now been living with her half brother Arlo for three years. He saved her from an abusive relationship in Pennsylvania. Married at seventeen after she found out she was pregnant she had a positive outlook on life. Losing the child to a miscarriage and then being locked away by her husband and also abused her outlook soon was bleak and dim. Her life was dark and she had nowhere to turn.
One day she was saved by a man who said he was her half-brother. She knew of her father’s name from her mother so what he was saying made sense. Her husband was soon arrested on other charges and sentenced where he ended up dying one day in prison when he fell down a flight of stairs.
Feeling like it is time to get back into the living she has decided to start going on some dates. Not wanting to involve her brother who also is the local sheriff, she has asked Tucker who is the local bartender at Lumberjack’s, he owns the place. He helps her with some of the acronyms that are being used to where she finally agrees on a date. Later needing a ride to another town for the date Tucker is the one who takes her and then waits for her across the street. The first date does not go so well. She does find herself liking the time that she spends with Tucker though.
He then agrees to teach her how to drive. It is during this one of these sessions that he agrees to be her wingman, also the attraction he feels for her draws him to kiss her. That kiss and another one, one night after one of her not so good dates has lit a flame of passion inside of her that she finds is only lit when she is around Tucker. Now she must get him to see past his best friends’ sister and the age difference that he keeps putting up. Maybe she will have a better chance by moving out on her own and away from her brother's prying eyes. Also, a trip to a sex shop gives her a new look on life as well. This was a fun book at times with good characters. A good read. Just a little slow at times or I would have given it 5 stars. I received this book from I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at

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